The Living Closet


While we here at the Living Closet would be pleased to bring you more frequent access to the musical, literary and artistic goings-on of the local creative community, a certain hitherto undiscovered law of audience interest dictates that to remain feasible there must elapse a certain quantity of time between the events we launch. If only there was some way to employ contemporary technology to deliver you recent and regular work from our community of hard-working artists between events!

Ah, but I think now that you're opening to what I'm getting at. In this spot (top-down from most recent to earliest) we will be exhibiting regular rotating featured sights, sounds and words to delight and astound you - perhaps stumblingly at first, but eventually working to weekly updates of animations, scanned images and ones wholly created in a digital environment for your Eyes, downloads of of music files and streams for your Ears & mobs of unruly words stampeding across your Mind. So without further ado, let us inaugurate our ongoing on-line exhibition...


Visual Victuals


Sound Surprises


Textual Treats


And don't forget! This growing gallery isn't only here to serve and promote those exhibited, but to help you feature among them! If you have any sights, sounds or radical texts you'd like to see rubbing elbows with these esteemed works, let us know - wall space in a gallery and a PA system on a stage are expensive, but the electrons forming hypertext links are free for all. Help us build a library of fantastical work in all media one can browse and peruse without leaving one's home!

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