The Living Closet

The Living Closet Collective provides a venue for local artists and performers of all media.

Our goal is to establish a spirit of community for artists and arts enthusiasts.

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    Welcome to the Living Closet, where our driving forces are providing opportunity and support to fellow artists.  If this is your first exposure to our events you may be wondering just what this is all about.

    What is the Living Closet?

    The Living Closet is a not-for-profit collective who believe that talents should never remain behind closed doors - behind every door there is life and colour waiting to emerge!

    We produce an event approximately once every six weeks in hopes of freeing the hidden, remarkable and diverse talents of local artists... out of the closet and into view.

    The Living Closet is about celebrating creative diversity.  We encourage and showcase All Things Art.

    Why the Living Closet is important...

    We believe in the value of creative self-expression & that each person can benefit from that experience.

    Our goal is to create an ongoing, supportive community inclusive of artists of all media.  We provide a conduit through which anyone can explore their creative side & network with others who are interested in doing the same.

    The Living Closet provides the freedom & the rare opportunity for local artists to perform or exhibit their work in a truly encouraging and inspiring environment.

    Producing the Living Closet

    Every Living Closet event is produced purely by dedicated volunteers.  We rely completely on donations of any shape and form: resources, time, monetary and (most importantly) artistic works.

    Each event produced is unique because the exhibitions, venues & volunteers are forever changing.  Therefore, each Living Closet is an adventure for audience, artists and organizers.

    We do not audition or select submissions.  Rather, while time and space remain available, all submissions are accepted.  This allows us to remain inclusive to all artists from all media.

    Get Involved...

    The Living Closet is now three years old, an endeavor which continues to grow & change with every event.  We welcome all suggestions, comments, venue ideas, NEW ARTISTS AND PERFORMERS and volunteers.  Artists, please see our "Artists Information" brochure.

    Please feel free to sign our guest books at the Information and Merchandise table and on the website (OK, that one was shut down about 15 years ago) to let us know your thoughts and feelings, and so we can contact you regarding future events.

    Living Closet Contacts:

    General Information:  Ru XXX-XXXX
    Performers Contact:  Rowan XXX-XXXX
    Artists Contact: Champ XXX-XXXX
    Media Contact: Cassandra XXX-XXXX

    Thank you for taking the time to visit & explore our Living Closet.  We  hope you have enjoyed this trip as much as we have.

    If you have any questions, please ask any volunteer at an event or our web host.

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