The Living Closet

Where artists came to play...

The Living Closet provided a venue for local artists of all media. Our goal was to establish a sense of community for artists and enthusiasts alike.

The idea for the Living Closet came when a handful of good friends got together to share spoken word, music, and different forms of stationary art. The first Living Closet was born...

Since then the numbers of people attending and participating grew rapidly, and our inspiration was being continually rejuvenated. (And then the numbers plunged dramatically, and our inspiration went on hiatus for 15 years. But the following still holds true:) We believe what has begun will continue to flourish, and will reach heights not yet perceivable in its infancy.

Though the Living Closet project cooled off for the better part of 15 years, many of its principal organizers went on to coordinate much-loved follow-up projects, including but not limited to: Beautiful House, Artists Against War (later the Work Less Party), the 57 Varieties open stage series, and most conspicuously the ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art.

The web site for The Living Closet had been created for the purpose of informing and connecting all who wish to be a part of the group. It provided e-mail contacts for committee members, and was constantly (... well, sporadically) revised with information regarding upcoming events, produced or sponsored by The Living Closet.

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In loving memory of Lynn Paley, Julian Braga, and T.Paul Ste-Marie.