-Mission Statement-

The Living Closet is a metaphor.
So many hidden talents lay unawakened and
undiscovered -we intend to stir them into creative fervor.
Closet doors often remain closed for innumerous days,
opening only for the very necessary articles and only
in a safe environment where judging eyes cannot penetrate.
Inside these closets: relics of yesterday's dreams and reminders
of tomorrow's possibilities, and always,
the lingering temptation of an idea, a force that inspires
the creative voice of the soul.
The Living Closet provides a safe, appreciative, supportive,
progressive, accessible, and fresh environment for newly awakened
and already established talents to showcase their work.

The goal of the Living Closet is to create a supportive artistic community that is inclusive and inspiring. Where one does not already exist we provide a venue for exhibitions, performances and for celebration of the diversity of art in all its forms. We believe that all individuals, be they artists that work in private or veteran creative forces with performance and displaying experience, should have a forum in which to share their work.

In order to accomplish these goals, the Living Closet produces events at which artists and audiences enjoy live performances, multimedia exhibits and stationary art displays. Performers are not auditioned, nor are submitted pieces selected for exhibition. While there remains time for live performances at events and space for display of solid art, we accept all submissions (taking into consideration the appropriateness of a submission to a specific venue). This allows us to remain inclusive to all artists and in all mediums. Each and every event produced by The Living Closet is therefore unique and exciting for both organizers and attendants alike. Each event is a continuation of the previous one: artists return to share their work, people new to The Living Closet come to explore, and a network of like minded creative individuals is established.

In between major events we promote the creative undertakings of Living Closet associated artists by utilizing the unique network of supporters assembled at events. Our purpose, to promote local artists and to encourage hidden talents to mature and expand, is thereby upheld.

The Living Closet is not a business or a definitive governing body, rather we are a collective of individuals who have gathered for a common goal. We act as a conduit through which anyone and everyone can explore their creative side and network with others who are interested in doing the same. In order to produce events we rely completely on hard working volunteers. All donations collected at events are used in the production of further events and in support of other Living Closet endeavors (T-shirts, posters, web site, etc…) hence we are strictly non-profit.

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