tabnet tv cuisine
baking for burnouts
revision v1.00
written by : publius enigma, chef aldo (tm)

getting started

i) little potatoes au gratin ii) swiss toast iii) coffee crystal sandwich iv) squeezine pepper toast v) quesadilla mole (mexican chocolate sandwich) vi) little chocolate donuts

cooking with power tools

i) cheese chocdog
  • 1 package hot dogs
  • 1 loaf generic white bread
  • 1 can aerosol cheese product
  • squeeze hershey's chocolate
  • electric drill with quarter inch bit
  • safety lenses

    put on safety lenses. hold unopened package of hot dogs with ends
    pointing towards you. leaving ends exposed, wrap several layers of
    old tv guides around package (for safety). using low speed,
    carefully drill each hot dog lengthwise. open package and remove
    hotdogs. fill cavaties with aerosol cheese product. place hot dog
    on slice of white bread. pinch bread into a trough around the hot dog
    and squirt liberally with chocolate syrup. pop in toaster oven for
    10-12 minutes, or until cheese is runny. ii) "tube" steak paté

    iii) extra sharp carrot cake
    all recipes copyright jack mingo, capra press santa barbara
    (c) 1983. all rights reserved.
    typed, edited, and added to by publius enigma
    april 11th, 1996.