How to make Chef Boyardee by Mavrik

Name of item Amount needed
Glass Microwaveable-safe pot1
Chef Boyardee (Lasagna or Ravioli recommended)1
Can Opener1
Wax Paper or Microwaveable Plastic Wrap1


Using your Can Opener, open the can of Chef Boyardee. If you do not
know how to use the Can Opener, consult manual. Turn the can upside down
over top of the glass pot, and use your spoon to help get all the pasta out.
When the can is empty, place a piece of wax papaer or microwavable plastic
wrap over the top to keep the food from splattering up your microwave. Place
the pot in the microwave, and heat it for 2:00 min on high. After 2:00 min,
remove the pot and dispose of the wax paper/plastic wrap. You've now
succesfully cooked Chef Boyardee.

Eating Tips:

Remember, if you eat the Chef Boyardee directly from the pot, you
save yourself from washing an extra bowl, plus you have a good handle to hold
it by instead of a hot bowl to hold. Also, as soon as you're done with the can
rinse it off in the sink, and same with the pot when you're finished eating.
That tomato sauce is a bitch to clean after its sat a while.

Now that's cookin'!