Date: 5:47 pm Tue Aug 20, 1996
From: Weird
To : Sylphid
Subj: Re: food.
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quoting Sylphid@31:3373/8 dated Tue 20 Aug 1996 12:38a
quoted All in the general mish mash 'bout food7

Sy> i would like to know if any of you have any favorite recipes you
Sy> share (non-mist members are 100% welcome of course).

hi i think i'm a mist member. ascii i presume.

oh well.

my favorite recipe: peanut butter ice cream and cookies.

i like peanute butter.
i like cookies (chocolate chip).
i like ice cream. (vanilla works best)

take 2 scoops of ice cream, preferably vanilla.
take 3 chocolate chip cookiees (the more chips, the better it is)
take a spoonful of peanut butter (smooth is the bestess)
and melted caramel (optional)

pour them all into a big bowl and mish mash them all up together until you
don't recognize it anymore. (until it looks like pale fecal material)

eat with a spoon or a fork or a knife or whatever you prefer (use your toes if
you like).

don't let it warm up. it should be coooOOl and icy.

the end.

by weird.

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