Title : Business As Usual
Author : Cthulu

                BUSINESS AS USUAL:

        Newcomers this month: Everybody. No, I'm not going to get more
specific, this is a new group! Sheesh...

        Departures this month: Strangely enough, we have had a few departures
since this whole venture started, roughly a month ago. Tzeentch, formerly of
iMPERiAL, was a MiST member for about 3 days. Then he decided to try to get
into NATiON. Hope ya make it! Also, Illusionary Enigma and Eternal Silence
left our family here to our fierce rival group, PATRiOT. Grrr!

        UPDATE: Pestilence quit MiST for senior staffdom in RAiD and dragged
Inquisitor out with him. Oh well. Also, Admiral Skuttlebutt decided that the
art world sucks, and left forever... FOREVER! But he may still make guest
appearances from time to time... Tzeentch decided that he'd be nice and happy
in Mist, and decided not to go for Nation... And, finally, The Edge's computer
blew up, and he is incapable of drawing any more VGAs for a while. Aw.
Too bad. 
        Projects in the works: We're doing something sneaky in our private
areas of KiTSCHNet...with a bit of ANSI, a bit of Lit...a bit of coding...and
a bit of music. But only Eerie knows for sure... OK, I'll give you a hint.
It's huge, furry, and likes destroying tanks. Heh heh...

        Questions: Why so much lit?
Well, when I, Cthulu the (l)owly lit writer started this group, i decided 
that I'd like to be able to participate in it as well. So, unlike most of 
the major groups out there today, we support lit. Not just standard BBS 
named rhyming couplet type lit, like I do, but short stories like Livewire's 
and Eoanya's, and rambling philosophical free verse such as Battered Crow's 
and fUp's. If you don't like lit, then don't read them, but you might be 
missing out... as I like to say, "ANSIs stimulate the eyes. Lits stimulate 
the mind."

        Anything else?: Guest Appearances... occasionally, we may collaborate
with artists from other groups... as their art will be appearing in our pack,
yet they aren't members, we may as well mention them with an air of respect.
AY is a rather special case... he's minus' brother... he doesn't modem, so he
doesn't have any real reason to join a group... however, he DOES enjoy drawing
the occasional pic, so his works will be featured with us.
                                        MiSTiGRiS founder
                                        Sept. 12, 1994
                                        blub blub

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