Title : The 604 Art Scene
Author : Multiple


This is, well, an as-complete-as-possible guide to the convoluted politics of the 604 (British Columbia, Canada) art/warez/coding/music/phreaking scene. This all started with a brief article by White Insanity, which continued with some additions by me, and then by Grateful Dead, who's been 'round longer than both of us. I suppose we'll be (unfortunately) releasing monthly updates. (As if we don't have enough groups already). The groups mentioned in this article go back around a year in total... anything older than that, is simply TOO OLD to be reckoned with. So, well, get ready for a LOO-OOONG read...

                                         MiST founder
                                         September 19, 1994

< White Insanity's Column Of Weirdness >
< Topic: Dead, Worthless, Sickening groups of the.... 604 >
< Date Written: September 16th 1994 For Kithe_1.003 >

Ok, here I am, i'm gonna speak my mind on the groups of the 6o4 the summer groups and well the spring groups, and the 2 day groups. I'll start off with well one of the best flops, whatever you want to call it except good things of the summer called:

w0w ok here Grateful fer ya.. hmm yeah ok well I am gonna due some more boring lists of the 604's art history kinda the groups we should look to cause these ones are where it all started. (and ended fer a few:>)

since I have been in the art scene alot longer than those two I remember these art groups and can add a little to what Whitey and Cthuls put above. well here she goes.

■[604] 604 News
■Founder: ???
■Duration: 1 month, 1 issue, on-going

CT: Newsletter published in august, explaining in detail an on-going rag battle between members of Sonic Equinox and White Noise, the death of ALE from the formatting of Morbid Grindoris' HD, and petty other articles. Author unknown, for his own security.

■[ABi] Ansi Bums, Inc.
■Founder: Tzeentch
■Duration: 6 months, will live as long as 31i73++ness lives.

CT: Parody of art groups...don't produce anything but elite lists. '1i73! Members include most of 604's ANSI talent. Has lots of rules, though. Nifty- thrifty.

■[ACiD] Ansi Creators in Demand
■Founder: er...Radman?
■Duration: several years, still going

CT: Well, no one ever expected this to happen, but several former imperial members who moved up to nation, have moved up even further to acid. 604 acid members include Asian Knight, Morbius, Vanquish, and Spirit of Illusion.

■[ALE] Alien Legion
■Founder: SNS/NBL Merge (Hero/Napalm, then Soul Survivor, then Atomic)
■Duration: 0 or 1 Pack(s), A Few Weeks, Died

WI: ALE had talent but wasnt used to a good extent, there pack slipped out and it wasn't supposed to be out and was recalled and then all we heard was oh, ALE is dead, and well, thats that.

CT: The merge of SNS, NBL '94, and TsC produced this unholy group. Had two pretty good members (Prophet and Havoc), and the rest no-talents, it seemed. Died.

■[BAT] Baron Artistic Talents
■Founder: Visionary
■Duration: Like the Energizer Bunny, packs didnt release any, '93, dead

GD: Well BAt never released any packs because that was their policy I guess they just did the work then gave it to the Sysops and stuff. This was another good group, never managed to match the quality of DOA but was pretty much the foundling of Imperial (if you trace Imp back through the GRiP/AD merger to the POiSON PAiN merger.. POiSON was BAt pretty much) Main members were Visionary, Atlanta, Tzeentch, Dr. Cpu, and Crimson Dynamo. The main limitation this group had was its size.

■[BDA] BBS Destruction Alliance
■Founder: ???
■Duration: several small releases, on-going

CT: The gits in this group make sloppily written batch files to format people's hard drives... what a bunch of idiots.

■[CAPiO] Conspiracy Against PcBoards in Operation
■Founder: White Insanity
■Duration: one month, on-going

CT: A group for all those who hate PCBoard. Yay!

■[CARB] Conspiracy Against Ranma's Board
■Founder: Dr. CPU
■Duration: several months, will live as long as AC's up.

CT: A joking group dedicated to crashing Alpha Centauri. (Not really)

■Founder: ???
■Duration: a while, on-going

CT: Popular LD art group with a few 604 members...Questor ... The Narccissist... and Scribble (who has since quit and moved to Victoria)

■[CLAN] The Clan
■Founder: Grateful Dead
■Duration: on-going

■Duration: shit just started her! :>

CT: Recently formed group from Grateful Dead (who quit Nation to found this) He could have something special (and we may be competing with him in the very near future...) Looking towards a merge with MiST (hopefully).

UPDATE: Well, Patriot and The Clan merged...aww...resulting in...a RAiD revival! Woo hoo! Well, actually, these guys result in our biggest competition in 604...boo!

■Founder: Nuiwanda
■Duration: a while, long time ago...dead

CT: Loader making group, headed by the anti-social Nuiwanda, an adept at VGA freehand... surprisingly talented group, considering the heavy use of Loader Creator 2.0..

■[CON] Confinement
■Founder: Hype
■Duration: a year? two releases, on-going

CT: Anarchy/Scene texts originally intended to go to some e-mag or another... they never got published by the intended sources, so the author, Hype, decided to release them on his own. Second issue just came out.

■[CVN] Coven
■Founder: Vectorman
■Duration: 6 months, nearing their first release.

CT: Game making team, including Darkforce and Illusionary Enigma. In the process of selling a game to EA. Preliminary pics and music files look great!

■[D&C] dAzEd & CoNfUsEd
■Founder: minus
■Duration: 1 month, 0 issues, summer '94, dead

CT: E-mag started by minus...ended shortly thereafter when he gave the interface to another group.

■[DAX] Drawers of Artistic Xcellence(?)
■Founder: Dark Avenger aka Eternal Soldier aka Illusionary Enigma
■Duration: few months, packs: 2, summer of '93, dead

GD: Well this group was BAt pretty much, change of name and a so called merge were used to try and spark the artists enthusiam. This was due to the interest of some of the artists going downhill, but it did seem to rejuvinate BAt. A while later the name was changed back to BAt and Visionary was again the sole Prez I believe.

■[DEVO] Damned Elite V? O?
■Founder: Bone Crusher
■Duration: on-going, a few years

CT: The ONLY couriering group in the 604. Releases games every now and then. (The slow trickle of warez has been the source of all these pie-rats deciding to start their own art groups. PLEASE get some warez in here, we're running out of artists!)

■[DIG] Digitallusions
■Founder: Admiral Skuttlebutt
■Duration: several months, many many releases.

CT: .MOD writer group. Skutt is the only member, and now he releases under MiST! Features 4-track-only .MODs, with as many instruments as possible.

■[DOA] Digitally Oriented Artists
■Founder: Six Pack aka Death Hawk
■Duration: Exact time span unknown but lasted a long time, packs at least 2, Dead..same duration as BAT

GD: Well to me DOA was unquestionably the best group 604 ever spouted. You need to know the history of the group to understand it better, unfortunately I dont know its entirety either. This group was around long before I entered the scene, and when I did she was just dying off. Until one day it was announced DOA had sorta merged into iCE. Tatsu, Cid Vicious Banana Basher and Mascot that is, Stile the then Canadian Co-Ordinator had invited them all, the entire group to join iCE. This is why they are the best group we have ever spouted, completely local except for 2 or 3 LD sites.

■[DTS] DeathStar
■Founder: Babar
■Duration: Still Going, No Releases to Date

CT: Small group that popped up around the death of iMPERiAL... their refusal to show any one their art has resulted in a lack of anticipation for when their pack finally DOES make it out...then again, they could be fooling us...

■[DTR] Digitronics
■Founder: Nezgar
■Duration: new group, several small releases

CT: New .MOD group starting up. Yay. Looking towards merger with MiST?

UPDATE: Aw. They said "no", for now, at least.

■[EPiC] EPiC
■Founder: Boba Fett
■Duration: several months, dead

CT: Dead couriering group. Warez were really flowing in at their beginning, when they were competing with DEVO to get status... then they died. Aw. No more warez. For a while they were better then DEVO, but, then school started, and it died. Too bad.

■[EuX] EuphoniX
■Founder: Luminance
■Duration: a year or two, on-going

CT: Fresh techno/rave group from the coast. 4 members, is also a band in real life. Consistent releases. Great .MODs.

■[fAD] Freelancing Artistic Designers
■Founder: Death Hawk
■Duration: 1 year, packs: 2 I believe maybe 3, semi-alive.

GD: Well this is another one of our strange wierd groups. I started my ansi days here so I actually know about the beginnings of this group. Some of the highlights of this group in the early days were Savage Dragon The Orkin Man(aka. Soul Blazer) and Mercenary(aka. Spirit of Illusion). All was going well until one day all the ansi artists just seemed to quit the group (me included). So from that day on fAD has been VGA only, but boasts one of the strongest VGA departments 604 has ever seen, Capt Kirk, Capt Riker and more I am sorry but I cant remember their names ..

CT: Apparently these guys've released a few e-mag style things recently... not dead? We'll have to wait and find out...

■Founder: Vermin/The Sultan(Changed to Mad Cartoonist/White Noise)
■Duration: Not very long

MAV: After UTERO broke up, most went to FEAR which was taken basicaly Utero, but taken over by Vermin and The Sultan. Didn't last long.

■[GAMEO] Grateful And Mavrik's Elite Organisation
■Founder: Grateful Dead
■Duration: a few weeks old

CT: A group so 31i73, only Grateful Dead, and Mavrik can be in it. Every one else just makes gameo appearances (bow) (duck).

■[G00p] g00p
■Founder: Tzeentch
■Duration: g00p!

CT: g00p! g00p! g00p!

■[HFR] Happy Fetus Records
■Founder: DJ Moses Risin'
■Duration: a year?

CT: Started originally as a tax shelter, Moses turned it into an alternative .MOD group. Looking into a merger with MiST...ooh boy...

■[iCE] Insane Creative Enterprises?
■Founder: ?
■Duration: several years

CT: Well, after several 604 members left DOA to join iCE several years ago, they all disappeared. The only remaining active 604 iCE member is Cid Vicious.

■[iMP] Imperial
■Founder: The Narccissist
■Duration: 5 months, 5 packs, dead

CT: The result of the merger between NWA and GRiP/AD lasted 5 months, becoming one of the top 5 art groups in the world, according to Blur E-Mag. During its lifespan, and after the breakup, most of its more famous members left to Nation, including Asian Knight (who has since moved to ice, back to nation, and to acid most recently), Vanquish, The Masked Pirate, Suicidal Maniac, Grateful Dead, Young, and The Narccissist. MiST is the result of every one else who WAS in imp... so we're kind of their child... be kind to us 8)

■[IS] Immortal Syndicate
■Founder: Nutcracker
■Duration: 6 months so far

CT: Demo group, with real talent. Looks real good so far!

■[K0DE] K0de
■Founder: Evil Iggy
■Duration: One issue, dead

CT: E-mag on the scene in general written about november/december '93. Died after the founder stopped modemming.

■[KOS] Kings of Spain
■Founders: Asian Knight, Spirit of Illusion, Vanquish, Darkforce
■Duration: 3-4 months

CT: Farectious group, started after AK, VQ and DF quit iMPERiAL.

■[LAWAJ!] Lazy Assholes Without A Job!
■Founder: Grateful Dead
■Duration: a few months

CT: Group for lazy and unemployed people. Doesn't produce anything, but your computer must be so lame that you can only play DOOM on the credit-card sized screen if you wish to be a member.

■[LoWD] Lords of Warez Distribution
■Founder: The Black Gem aka Nosferatu
■Duration: a few weeks, dead

CT: Attempted warez group started by the hopeful Black Gem. Unfortunately, seeing as the prez himself wasn't even on any good warez boards, it died soon after its founding. What a waste of a good name.

■[MEPI] Mind's Eye Productions, Inc.
■Founder: Spyder
■Duration: several years, on-going.

CT: Collection of coders local and LD who write BBS utils and doors. Most famous works from members of this group include InterStellar Annihilation and Steel & Ice Hockey.

■Founder: Cthulu
■Duration: Pack Released Soon, Still Going

CT: All right...where did you get this file then? Huh? Go back to the top and read it all again... 8)

GD: Ok well MiSTiGRiS has lots of talent as well, its just mainly in different areas than PATRiOT. MiST's strongpoints are her Lit division and here Coding section while Pat's are only the ANSi section. Its not to say that MiST's is lacking in the ANSi division, its just that her artists are all pretty new and have to touch up and hone their skills. In a month or so down the road their ANSi section should be going strong. VGA I cant comment on I dont really look at them, sorry guys. :>

■[MoAtSGCoA] Members of All the Silly Groups Created On Atlantis
■Founder: Mavrik
■Duration: As long as Atlantis stays up

CT: Well, Atlantis, the spawning ground for CARB, CAPiO, GAMEO, LAWAJ!, and many more, has created yet another club! Congratulations!

■[MWA] Modemers With Attitude
■Founder: ?
■Duration: about a year old...dead

CT: A "ragging" group created to raise the egos of the members. Lost several rag wars, then slinked away in disgrace.

■Founder: Maestro?
■Duration: Longtime...dying?

CT: Though not a true 604 art group, it features several prominent 604 members. The Narccissist, The Masked Pirate (now Morbius), Suicidal Maniac, Spirit of Illusion, Asian Knight (just left for Acid), Grateful Dead (just left to found Clan), and Vanquish. The CHQ is also in 604, Holocaust.

UPDATE: TMP, SoI and VQ recently quit Nation for ACiD! Could this be the end for the esteemed group?

■[NBL] NewBlood '94
■Founder: Napalm
■Duration: 0 Packs, A Few Weeks, Resulted In Merge, dead

WI: Refer to SNS and then ALE

■[NWA] New Wave Artists
■Founder: The Narcissist
■Duration: 2 or 3 Packs, 3 Months, Merged With GRiP/AD (Not a 604 Group), dead

WI: Result of a merger between 2 local 604 groups, PAiN and POiSON. Great group merged with GRiP/AD and became Imperial, suprise ending to the best 604 based art group rated #5 in the world, dead, reason's still are a bit foggy to me so i won't go any further

■[PAiN] + [POiSON] PAiN & POiSON
■Founders: lost in the mists of time
■Duration: coupla months, dead

CT: These two groups merged to form NWA. Members included young Tzeentch, TMP, The Narccissist, and others.

■[PATRiOT] Patriot Art
■Founder: Pantera / Atomic
■Duration: several weeks, end of summer '94, dead

WI: Patriot is the strongest art competition for MiSTiGRiS and it will be a long and hopefully peacful battle =], nice to have good competition at least =]

GD: Ok well little do the others know but The Korrupt Organization (TKO) is PATRiOT. A name change was done dont ask me why, and then the group was taken from Atomic by Prince of Death and Fab One. So far we have yet to see the great talent in this group release anything but we can only hope. My only critique of this group is that all the great artists are in NATiON, UNiON or ACiD. There are some that are good artists as well that aren't in dual groups but they (or so I have heard) are not really all that eager(hmm stagnation period symptoms..argh!).


■Founder: Captain America
■Duration: a while...ongoing...

CT: Phreaking/Anarchy group. Yay. Lots of texts for beginners.

■[PiNiON] PiNiON E-Mag
■Founder: Magik Elvis
■Duration: 1 or 2 Releases So Far, Still Going

WI: Magik Elvis's PiNiON could become something, it yet has no .EXE but it would be nice to see a PiNiONViEW =] Great work.

CT: Neat-o poems, articles, etc. (I write for it. Woo) Actually, you can find the 4 issues so far in this month's KiTHE. Article submissions are to be made at Neo-Graceland.

■[PiXEL] Pixel
■Founder: Hook
■Duration: 1 month, 1 pack (december-january 94?), dead

CT: Was a result of the combined remaining artists in the 604 to combat the rising NWA. Featured the rise of Asian Knight, Questor and others...

■[RAG] Rag
■Founder: Jesus Bonehead
■Duration: several issues so far

CT: Texts on various topics, mostly farcetious. Amusing anarchy type stuff.

■[RAiD] Rendering Artistically Insane Designs
■Founder: :gulp: Misery(aka Grateful Dead)
■Duration: 3 Months, pack: 2 (and a sample one), died but is alive again.

GD: Well this was a pathetic attempt of a group at a time when I felt 604 really needed a strong one. Unfortunatley I went away fer two weeks the same week I started it and all my members basically left to SUiCiDE (read on) anyhow I tried to keep the group alive because SUiCiDE never really did anything.

CT: UPDATE: Patriot and The Clan MERGED recently, and RAiD was revived! Unfortunately, Spirit of Illusion and Morbius didn't like the terms of merger and quit. Also Pestilence and Inquisitor left MiST to join this. Argh. Well, this release, on october 15th, shall determine which of our two groups is the better... unfortunately, they have a few acid members on their side.

■[RCL] Recoil E-Mag
■Founder: Grateful Dead
■Duration: Still Going, And No Releases To Date (Sep.16.1994)

WI: Well, i'd only say good things because, well i'm in this group =], it seems we will have a release out pretty soon. Made to review all art packs.

CT: E-Mag being started to review all forms of art, every month, as many packs as possible. I'm in it..yay.

■[SE] Sonic Equinox
■Founder: Darkforce
■Duration: Several months... a few small releases.

CT: A demo group featuring artists from Union, CiA, and iMPERiAL... Has some fabulous musicians, but suffers sloth...we don't DO much...

■[SUiCiDE] SUiCiDE Productions
■Founder: Lord Extec
■Duration: 2 Months, packs: 0, dead

GD: SUiCiDE certainly had some talent to shine in one of 604's dull periods, but unfortunately the artists were unproductive and seemed to have the same attitude as everyone else, just plain bored of it all.

■[SNS] Sensation
■Founder: Hero, Now Soul Survivor
■Duration: 0 Packs, A Few Weeks, Resulted In Merge, dead

WI: Sensation had some good artists and after a while of negotiations with TsC and NBL, where NBL and TsC's prez's had conflicts and would not merge, Hero, went to NewBlood (NBL) and you can read the story from ALE =]

■[SPOON] Spoon
■Founder: Beatle
■Duration: 1 issue (#0), dead

CT: Humorous text written by frequenters of InterZone.

■[TACC] The Anti-Celerity Conspiracy
■Founder: White Insanity
■Duration: on-going

CT: Something along the lines of CARB, while (coincidentally...) Alpha Centauri happens to be the only board running celerity in the 604. Hmmm...

■[TKO] The Korrupted Organisation
■Founder: Atomic
■Duration: one week, turned into Patriot, dead

CT: Founded by the former prez of ALE...he then quit and joined Patriot. end of story.

■[TsC] The Supreme Couriers
■Founder: Style
■Duration: 2 Packs, 3 Months, Name Change To ViLE, dead

WI: TsC had lot's of negotiations with NBL and SNS but ended up on there own, other than iMP/NWA were the only other group to put out a pack in 1994 (in the 604) before September. **Cthulu Note: PiXEL also released a pack** NBL and SNS merged into ALE, TsC changed names and then now go read ViLE.

■[TUP] The Underground Pirates
■Founder: Cyberlord, Now Darkened Soul, Running/Formerly Runnin' Dark Sun
■Duration: 2 Days, dead

WI: The underground pirates to start off with was like a group where they couriered now this makes no sense to me as we have good groups like DEVo etc.. etc.. BUT thats Cyberlord, now Darkened Soul's idea, it lasted for (drum roll) 2 days until a controversial accident of of Darkened Soul's HD getting formatted after he found out everyones passwords on Rise Of The Midnight Sons BBS, which is a good board to say the least. The end of TUP

■[U┼ERO] Utero
■Founder: Annhiliator X-14
■Duration: 1.5 months, no packs, dead

MAV: Created by new artists, never was expected to last long, and didn't. Conflict in the senior staff caused it to break up, and change into FEAR. A few people left to PiXEL.

■[ViLE] ViLE Art
■Founder: (Style/Sliver)
■Duration: 0 Packs, 1 Month, Died

WI: ViLE could have prospered, due to no support from their coder, Freejack, the group couldn't continue, all members left to other groups. The main disorginazation of TsC in July while Style was in a different country didn't help the group. Dead

CT: TsC under a different name. Still stunk.

■[VR2] Virtua Reality 2
■Founder: The Dark Knight
■Duration: 2 months, dead

CT: Demo group founded in the spring of '94... Never did much. Dead?

■[WaRP] Western aRea Pirates
■Founder: ????

■Duration: short time, died, about the same time as DAX

CT: Attempted warez group founded and staffed almost entirely by members of DAX. Failed pitifully.

■[WBT] WiLd BuFfAlO tAmErZ
■Founder: Tanaka
■Duration: just started

CT: New group. Just for fun, not much real talent or effort. A bunch of sig-grabbers have adopted this as their battle cry, however.

■[WC] Wizard Couriers
■Founder: Vision Courier
■Duration: 2 months, back in dec. '93, dead

CT: Couriering group with talent died after many releases of homemade fakes and re-releases, and even one or two REAL warez. Aw. No more warez.

■[WiZE] Wize
■Founder: Chaotic Soul
■Duration: 0 months..never got off the ground

CT: Was a later result to duplicate Pixel's efforts...never got past 2 members. Undergoing a revival... honest.

■[Zone] Zone E-Mag
■Founder: Beatle
■Duration: Still Going, No Releases To Date (Sep.16.1994)

WI: Beatle will definitely have something good here, it will be released on a weekly basis and will be a good laugh, but serious too, it will cover all aspects of the 6o4, from Public Domain to Warez and everything else (yes nearly every thing =])


WI: Ok, I'd like to say good work to all groups that survived 5+ Months and/or are still going and havent released much, lets erase this bad history and get a finally good 6o4

GD: Wat to say what to say... well I am tired of looking at the holes in these two groups and so I have started a mainly ANSi oriented group, something that we need since Pat I dont think will do anything if not much and MiST's needs a bit of practice, we are kinda loosely oriented. ie. you do what ya want when ya want, as long as your not just their for the affil and ya got good talent you will be welcommed. Look for a pack from us in October hopefully, since its September 18th there wont be nothing for septemer:> . Well to criticize my own group I would say our only major drawback is size so our packs will be rather small, but you'll get over it I am sure. :>

Well theres a few ore groups that most of us artists were born from or have to thank fer paving the way fer future groups in the local scene. Well all we have left is PATRiOT, MiSTiGRiS, and the CLAN(best one yes definetley the best) anyhow hopefully one will show the signs of greatness in the upcomming near future or we might hit another dull perios of stagnation(I can already feel it in the messages and shit.) so good luck to all of the local groups and ld ones if you care. Anyhow thats all me thinks.. lates.

oh one last note, the reason RECOiL hasn't produced anything is due to the fact that I shut her down in August and have just restarted her due to the fact that I had no time to run her so look for a release pretty soon :>

gd.wasnt that just so fun? :>


Well, the big moves in the scene this month were the death of imperial, the petty squabbling which followed resulting in the formation of mist and patriot, the clan being formed and then merging with patriot into raid, and talk going around to REALLY get some work done, now. Recoil's starting up, and so're Zone and Pinion. Yay. (Cthulu contributes to all of them). Next month....ah...who knows? Wait and see!

UPDATE: hee hee. well, i suppose the BIGGEST move of all was the breakup of nation and all the 604 members going to acid. Yay, good for you.

But until then...
                Blub blub
                                       MiSTiGRiS Founder
                                       September 23rd, 1994
                                       Happy As A Clam

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