Title : History of 418
Author : Eerie

i know, i know, i'm being boring with my four-one-eight fixation, but, eh, that's where i live.. and this ac is so badly known.. you know why? hell, 418 is quebec city, canada. a french-speaking place. most people won't know english so they write in french and their stuff can only be released in the 418 area, or the province of quebec. you'll say, well, 514 and 819 also are in quebec.. yep, but lots of english-speaking persons live there and made the scene advance a bit.. err.. anyway.. i want to show you the 418 scene.. (be prepared to next to nothing =)

                          - Eerie
                            Mist ansi artist and 418 dude

[ABC] Another Bad Creation
founder: Testament Collecter
duration: few months.. now dead.. pfffftt.

all ABC did in its own life was RIPPING, RIPPING and OVERRIPPING.. anyway. it contained two members, Testament Collecter (a local fagboy) and Vlad Drakul (a local lamer).. pfftt.. lemme laugh..

[ACE] ACE e-mag
founder: The Naughty Tycoon
duration: 12 issues, still alive

hey, I guess that's the only emag in the scene that talks about new (alternative) music.. TNT, Photon and yours truly created it after participating in 2 issues of EMM, another music magazine. for now its in french, but starting from issue 13 (next issue!) it will be in english! weeee!

[ACiD] Ansi Creators In Demand
founder: Rad Man i guess =)
duration: hum

ok, ACiD is not from the 418, but our local ansi hero, Slum Dweller, was ACiD ss once.. so we must mention it. =)

founder: no one knows
duration: 2 issues

this was a parody of XJAA emag.. (see below) one issue is in NpC, but NpC members claims that they are not the authors of AJAX.

founder: Zoltar
duration: i dunno, ask zolt =) changed name to Slime

ARiKA changed his name to Slime a few months after being created.. anyway. it's just another ansi group =)

[ARt] ARt (dont remember the exact signification)
founder: Skyzofren
duration: few months, no packs

did this group ever did something? i think i've been a member. but i don't remember.

[ASK] Ansi Staff Kreators
founder: Lucyfer
duration: few months, no packs, dead

ASK was the first ansi group in the 418.. i've been in it, TNT too.. it was fun. it started, like.. humm.. 1991 i think. yea, in the old-school days. sigh.

[ASTEK] Ansi Staff To Eternal Kreations
founder: Astral Buster
duration: 2 packs, a few months, dead

definitely the biggest group in the 418, since almost all talented artists from the ac went into this group sometimes.. Youngblood (now he's called Young =) who went to Imperial and is now in Nation (for how much time?), The Extremist, who is freelancer, The Naughty Tycoon, who is now in MiST, jaydee who is now in Relic, and myself.. other talented artists who are out of the scene now are Astral Buster, Lucyfer, Skyzofren, Mystical Avenger, etc.

[AXE] AtomiXoftarE
founders: Lucyfer and i
duration: few months

AXE was somewhat associated with ASK.. this was the first group i used for the programs i released.. then i quitted and started my own group Beyondware, and then released everything under the label TFL, and now i'm releasing everything as independent =)

[BARE] Burning Art of Rare Excellence
founder: The Extremist
duration: few months

bah, TE signed his ansis with the label BARE.. that's not really a group then.. =)

[Beyondware] Beyondware
founder: i.. and Skyzofren
duration: few proggies, few months, now dead

look under AXE to understand what Beyondware was =)

[Blood] Blood emag
founder: Blood Sucker
duration: 1 issue i guess. hopefully its dead now

Blood is one of the NpC wanna-be, H/P/A mags.. it sucked..

[CTBK] Ctrl-Break
founders: Dynamix and Skyzofren
duration: 2 issues.. duh.. hopefully dead

ok ok.. i was called Dynamix in that good old times.. this was a rather lame emag.. damndamndamn.. why am i putting it in the list then? ohwell.. (anyway, because of a hd crash, i dont have them anymore.. sorry =)

[EMM] EleKtriK MuZiK MagaZine
founder: Bilbo
duration: 8 issues, still alive?

another music emag.. this one talks about general music tho. it was founded before ACE. the first issue was in english, but then everything turned french.. =) anyway.. i think they are preparing issue 9, but i'm really unsure. would be fun.. a bit more competition for ACE =)

[HAS] Hacker Anonyme Society
founders: Berzeker and Android
duration: 1 issue, dead.

this is the other NpC wanna-be emag.. speaking of h/p/a and such.. eh. whatever. just to mention that Android is a local pd lamer.. =)

[iLSD] iLL-Legal Speech Digest
founder: l0gRuS!
duration: the promo issue =)

iLSD was itended to be a general emag.. but no one submitted anything so nothing got released =)

[iMP] Imperial
founders: The Narcissist and The Night Prowler
duration: 5 months, 5 packs.. now DEAD

ok.. let's mention that 2 418 guys were in Imperial, Young and i.. eh.. =)

[KBM] Kobudera Black Magic
founder: Kobudera Master? nobody really knows
duration: 4 issues, dead

another NpC wanna-be emag.

[KOD] Kult Of Darkness
founder: l0gRuS!
duration: 1 issue, dead

no one knows about this emag, cepted that one issue is in an early NpC issue. but i dont have the courage to find it.

[Kill] Kill
founder: Bilbo
duration: 1 issue, still alive

Kill is a new emag, containing exclusively buffers on lamers and others.. funny no?

[NpC] Northern Phun Co.
founder: Blitzkrieg
duration: 15 issues, now dead

prolly the emag that lasted more in the 418.. of course its an h/p/whatever emag.. it was cool. but now the writers retired from the h/p scene to put up an internet node called LLC.. duh..

[NpShit] Northern Phif Shit
founder: unknown
duration: 3 issues

NpShit released his first issue (issue 4) some weeks after NpC released their issue 3.. it was some kind of hilarious parody.. then 2 other issues came out. eh..

[NSI] The Ansi Institute
founder: Dynamix
duration: 1 issue and 1 promo

NSI was some kind of project i put on (i was called Dynamix in these times, but used Eerie as a handle when drawing.. eh.) to show off talents of all ansi artists in the ac.. however, it failed.. bah, the first issue is interesting anyway..

founder: The Naughty Tycoon, Testament Collecter and Flavor Flav
duration: few months, one pack.

PHoBiA has been founded a little after ARt.. it even has sites in the usa.. weird no? anyway, they released one pack..

[Relic] Relic
founder: Jello
duration: a year or so.. still alive

just to mention that two 418 dudes are in relic.. jaydee and yours truly.. eh =)

[Rx] Rx
founders: Eerie, Skyzofren, Lucyfer
duration: bah..

we started Rx when quitting ASTEK. but in fact, we never produced anything else than ansis for our own board.. bah..

founders: Virus and New Order
duration: forever

SiWDRY is a joke group, consisting on the "merge" of SiW and DRY.. they never released anything but an ad or two for my board =) and they suck bad ehehe

[Slime] Slime
founder: Zoltar
duration: few months, no pack out.. still alive?

ok. Zoltar decided to start this group and some people joined, such as Diamond Traveller.. but it's a really lazy group and those two guys were the only who would produce..

[TFL] Third Floor Laboratories
founder: myself
duration: few months

the third name i used for my programs.. damn.. this is boring..

[TTM] The TroubleMaker
founder: same as NpShit
duration: 3 issues

the guys who made NpShit created another "mag" later.. then again, there was a parody of Android, a local lamer, a fake imitation of a door made by another local lamer, Derf, etc.. wuz cool..

[ULRi-ABC] United Lame Ripping Incorporated - Another Bad Creation
founder: The Naughty Tycoon
duration: 1 issue

this was mainly to show that ABC was actually ripping.

founder: Testament Collecter
duration: 1 issue

this was TC's ripost.. in the only issue, he says hat ASTEK ripped an ACiD ansi.. because both were drawing the same character, the fucking shitty SPAWN.. eh. lamer forever..

[XJAA] Xpress Journal Anti-Anarchiste
founder: Xyster
duration: no issue out..

althought 2 issues of the parody AJAX were released, no issue of XJAA went out.. eh =) it was intended to be an anti-anarchist emag about hacking. wow. that's not a joke..

[Young] Young
founder: Youngblood
duration: ehhh.. no one really knows =)

back in the times Young was called Youngblood, he started his group called Young.. weird, eh? (young's gonna kill me for that one =)

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