Title : An Outsiders View
Author : Beatle

a view from an 'outsider'
- by beatle

     The art scene these days seems a little lacking.  It consists of no more
then a bunch of ego maniacs who only wish to release ansis under the name of
some group..  Now of course the person who is the head of this group gets the
highest acclaim.. again leading to delusions of grandeur.

     Let I remind the cyberspacial community that artists don't have to label
their goods.  Because I have a piece of art that says acid at the bottom mean
that I am any good?  No.

     Did pablo picasso try to join a group and fit in?
     Did [Van] Gogh try and join a group and fit in?

     In my own personal view the entire business of art groups is silly.  Is
the only way an artist can be seen by playing the elite game, and boosting
already over boosted egos?

               beatle - [SUiCiDE][PAiN][NWa][iMP][MiST]


My view of mist...

I think mist can be a very good thing.
If it is more of a gallery then a group.

think about that.

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