Title : Intro To Kithe
Author : Cthulu


Good evening, and welcome to the first edition of KiTHE, the MiSTiGRiS monthly newsletter. I'd imagine we have some explaining to do. Well, some history comes in handy here, so be sure to read the History of Mist article. And, for those of you with insatiable cravings for knowledge, check out out "Ecology of the 604" article, with info on every group ever created in this lame little area code we like to call home. This newsletter was never originally intended to be coded, just a small text file. Then it grew. And grew. It was a very large, ungainly, and hard to manage text file. Then, late one night, Mavrik decided to code it in the shadowy secrecy of his basement. In most ways this is better than out inferior text file, so we thanked him, and I handed myself the responsibility of making the transformation from text file to e-mag. (arg arg Arg Arg ARG ARG ARG...it has been a frustrating month) Well, I'm beginning to blather already, so, without further ado, I shall wrap up this introduction, and move on to the other articles...

                     In conclusion, blub blub.
                                  -Cthulu, MiSTiGRiS Founder
                                   October 2nd, 1994
                                   blub blub
-PS- Thanks to Mavrik for taking it upon himself to a) set up KitschNet all by himself, and b) take it upon himself to create this e-maggy sort of thing.
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