Title : Intro to The 418
Author : Eerie

eerie's _____
_________,`\  ____,___|`\_|   |___33
__, __, __, `\(____-  ,_,'_, _______
 |'  |'  |'  |'   ,\__,  `|' _|'  |
__, __, `\'  ,_  ,'  |   |  _-   ,_,'
 |'  |'  |   ,__/\  _|  _|   ,\__,  `|
.. from the 418 =)

ok, i dunno if this file will be in the mist pack or in kithe or something, but bah, i felt like writing it =) anyway, just wanted you to know the 418 guys.. (coz mist is like, 2 acs in the same group.. there are the 604 dudes and the 418 dudes..) so here they are, in alphabetical order (eh..)

- diamond traveller (dt) -

current affils: slime

diamond traveller (dit for short) was one of the only active members in the local group slime.. eh.. well, now he's with mist. he's doing pics mostly.. i like his stuff..

- eerie (it's me =) (33) -

past affils: ask, astek, rx, imperial

current affils: relic

oh well.. er.. shit.. i suck.. what am i doing in here.. damn..

- the naughty tycoon (tnt) -

past affils: ask, phobia, astek, liquid (and so many others =)
tnt is a cool logo maker.. he did two logos for my ansis, and he's in the 418 dumb stupid ansi scene since sooo many years. oh well. i love his stuff too. he's also the editor-in-chief for ace emag.. and, uhm.. his hd crashed the other week so.. its a bit more difficult for him to do ansi.. and he ran the last of the xt bbses. (till his hd crashed)

- zoltar (zr) -

current affils: slime

zoltar is the president of that lazy group called slime.. he accepted to join mist as well, and it's a good thing.. coz his logos are so sweet. he is also doing pics.. but needs a bit of practice :P

i guess mist gained almost all of the best grouplesses from the 418. anyway there arent many other decent artists here.. well, lemme count. there's young, who is in nation.. there's jaydee, who is a fellow relic member.. and there's the extremist who IS GROUPLESS! ah-ha! maybe he will join mist then? =) (subliminal message).. hm.. and thats about all for the 418.. pathetic, no? (OHH i almost forgot slum dweller.. our local ansi hero.. but he's like a bit out of the scene no? =)

aaaahwell. you can join all these guys on kitschnet or on my board, sarcastic toaster 4188490121 which is the proud mistigris canadian headquarters!!! yeaaahhhhhh!!!!! cooliooooo!!

ok ok i'm outtie eerie

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