Title : Cthulu's Greets
Author : Cthulu

Cthulu's Greets 'n Grunts 'n Groans 'n Grovels:

Cthulu          -You know, talking to yourself is a sure sign of insanity. Fish
Grateful Dead   -I still say it's Farmer Joe-Jim-Bob's WIFE. Steroid woman.
                 Wow. You really sound the same on the phone as you type.
White Insanity  -I guess it's too late to tell ya, lit guys don't get headers.
D'Artagnan      -See? I CAN spell it right...
Magik Elvis     -You tricked us into believing that the evil chatboard meet 
                 was a TABMeet! Help me! Help Meeeeeee...
Beatle          -TG Forever! er..I mean, Phaze. Yup. Oh, all right, V/X.
Toxic Cockroach -A garbage bag is *not* a proper carrying case for a SNES.
Darkseid        -I guess I have to get you some more j0lt now...
Soul of Allusion-Call TST, damn you.
Mavrik          -Which issue of GIJoe did you see Cobra Commander's face again?
Nitnatsnoc      -Slave to Master Cthulu! MAKE UP YOUR MIND! YES....NOPE...YES
The Mage        -Big improvement from "That black white haired guy"
Visionary       -Look for other misters in #mist...
Minus           -Pablo RULES! Old school Acid pics, yes!
Inquisitor      -Is pesty forcing you to write messages again now?
Summonner       -MAKE UP YOUR MIND! ONE OR THE OTHER. Ahem.
The Edge        -I hate U2 8)
Pestilence      -Keep pestering Reznor for me, will ya? 8)
Archangel       -Haven't seen much 'o you lately...
LionBird        -There. All the titles changed, as you requested.
Skuttlebutt     -Remember, more instruments doesn't necessarily better than
                 more tracks...
Raidair X       -learn from the above. pester him incessantly
Dr. CPU         -CALL TST! ARRRRRRGh..when're you gonna do my SE text loader?
Helter          -Aw...you took away my leech...
                 (AHa! suddenly got it back!)
The Narccissist -Hey, Chico! Don't make fun of my squid lantern..sniff sniff
                 Paintball paintball rah rah rah
Livewire        -Stop having such a HAPPY life..sheesh...
Tzeentch        -I want to hit you on the head with foam 2covered pipes 8)
M0D             -Generic Ususper name! That's what I say!
Eoanya          -blah halb arg gra j0lt neck yum evil vila
Etana           -Tail-piercing? eW...
Questor         -You quit Coven? awww... your DG pic looks like Contra Bass
Zoltar          -good fonts...er...as for the pics...well...*cough*
Diamond Traveller-ook. say something. embrace KiTSCH.
The Naughty Tycoon-where did you get that handle, anyway?
Eerie           -Yay! Thanks to you, we can rip off the movie idea!
Cool Hand       -Spread, dammit!
fUp             -Woo hoo, Anne Rice!
Other assorted body noises:

Ranma           -Love those "Graphical screens"
Hype            -Pine Sol does NOT go in your nose, mister dwarf.
Fab One         -Good luck, honourable competitor.
Pantera         -Take CHARGE...sheesh...
Midnight Ninja  -Thanks for the offer for KiTSCH. PS-Happy 5th, Arkham!
Snazz           -Too bad about your computer. 
Pure Voltage    -"Letting the inmates run the asylum" (tm) PV, RAiD
Nosferatu       -So, how're those graveyards? PS-This isn't the vampire area
White Noise     -Go away and stay away
Shadow          -Same applies for you
My computer     -If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be writing this right now
My chair        -Thanks for holding me up
The Old Oak Tree-I humbly thank you for providing me with shade over these 
                 many long years, my old friend
The Nice Men    -I like your white jackets. Are you going to put me in the 
                 shirt with the really long sleeves again?
TsC             -May you never, EVER, EVER revive.
Cheese          -You're the best food on Earth (even better than Snapple)
TabNet          -b0nk
Innate Malice   -$150 bucks? He *MUST* be kidding...
Creideiki       -Thank god you stopped modemming...
Drift           -one word: WHY?
Everyone else   -ha ha...i didn't greet you. Now i shall slap you with a fish.


Toxic Cockroach, Darkseid, Soul of Allusion, Archangel, and Visionary.

You guys have one more month of slothful relaxation, and if you don't release
anything after that... 

I refuse to greet ACiD and iCE in these greets, as it's trendy, and grounds 
for having stale bread thrown at you.

 *** Any and all apologies to person or persons that I may have offended in
     the writing of this newsletter or at any other time during my modemming
     life, or even outside of it. I'm sure that the offence was well-deserved,
     but if your ego needs straightening, we'll be happy to do it in a mildly
     humiliating yet strangely satisfying way.
                                         MiSTiGRiS Founder

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