Title : Beatle's Greatle's
Author : Beatle

 Beatle's Lit for Imperial
 Compiled August 14th 1994


        Well, imperial died.  Knew that would happen.
        A few of these files appeared in one of their packs already.
        But, I don't care, I am releasing them again, this time
        with a little bit of color.

        A few of these have music.

        credits :

        going home : lyrics - beatle
                     music  - beatle, mark, bluck

        little miss commited : lyrics - beatle
                               music  - beatle

        goodbye my dear : lyrics - beatle
                          music  - beatle

        johnny mcgill : lyrics - beatle
                        music  - beatle

 Anyways, thanks goes to..

        bLUCK - For Being bizarre
        Chico - For not showing up to ANY fireworks meets
        Magik Elvis - For being such a great guy
 Words to...

        James Joyce - Tough Break guy, but don't worry, it'll all
        work out in the end.  The world is not over.

 Anyways, bye bye.. and don't do too many drugs.

        Call my board and post on tabnet
        interzone - 604-520-9519


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