Title : Programmer's note
Author : Mavrik

        Welcome to Kithe, the official newsletter of Mistigris. At first 
this was just going to be a text file, like an .NFO file, but we decided to
spice it up a bit, and then people started adding articles, and letters,
and it kinda looks a lot like an E-mag now. This is just the first version of
Kithe, and the scrolling can be kinda slow in some of the bigger articles,
but remember there's a page down/up key if it gets too slow. This will be
fixed in the next version, which is already being worked on. 

        Also included in this month's Kithe is a small 6o4 lit 'zine called
Pinion that Cthulu of Mistigris and Magik Elvis write. I have included
the four issues of it in Kithe on Cthulu's request. Well, that's all for
now.. hope the scrolling isn't too annoying on those big articles =) l8r
                                        -Mavrik [MiSTiGRiS]
                                         Kithe programmer

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