Title : Pinion #2
Author : Cthulu

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                    Issue #2 -  Are Men Better?
                        Writer : Cthulu

      Are men better? The question which has plagued our greatest thinkers 
since the dawn of "man"kind will now be resolved in this controversial essay 
by the author of the exciting "Why Not to Drink" and "The Advantages and 
Disadvantages of Being a Rutabaga", Prof. Cthulu.

      Men are certainly better than some things, such as cough drops or pig
droppings. However, in this essay, I shall be comparing them to their most
frequent rivals, the females of the human race, women. Now, at first, one may
think that there can be no fair comparison, that men are simply and
blatantly better. However, after some careful thinking and pondering, the 
cons of being a man stack up and outweigh by far the pros.

      For instance: males cannot bear children. While this could be viewed as
advantageous in the mobility department, the jealousy this creates in the male
psyche raises levels of stress, aggravation and aggression significantly. In
fact, many of the problems stemming from the masculine gender are based on
excessive levels of aggression, caused by frustration at our own ineptitude and
incompetence, combined by other factors, such as the inability to bear 

      But what, you might ask, of men's superior logic? Their larger and more
muscular frames? Doesn't their higher alcohol tolerance count for anything?
Surely you jest by ranking the magnificent male sexual organs on a lower level
than the barely-functional female ones? And what about those cool beards they
can grow, huh?
      Unfortunately, men's logic is often clouded by petty grudges,
childishness, and at best simply makes us less imaginative. Being big and 
strong only perpetuates our childlike aggressions, while our alcohol tolerance 
counts for naught if we ignore and exceed it. And what, you say, of the penis? 
Yea, even this final refuge of manhood shrinks under scrutiny as we grasp and 
peer for a glimpse of the truth. Despite the myth and romance shadily 
surrounding the legendary organ, it can quite simply be concluded that it just 
plain gets in the way. Ask any male who rides horses, jumps hurdles, or simply 
delivers speeches in front of crowds, and they will ashamedly attest to that 
fact. And, while beards may look nice, in reality they provide an ideal 
habitat for various species of parasites, who take every opportunity to move 
in and create an infestation.

      In conclusion, once one gets past the confusion and conspiracy, and the
facts are laid out on the table in the light of day, the pro-man arguments
deflate and lose their potency. The answer must now seem obvious to my now
enlightened readers...what your jobs must be are to spread the gospel and
convert your friends. Only then will the truth be known to all, and the males
thrown from power, and rightfully so. 

Professor Cthulu, Ph.D.,
Miskatonic University

in co-operation with
Partnership for a Male-Free America

Note: the ideas and views shown here are not necessarily shared with the 
staff of this publication, or even the author himself! And especially not 
shared with the general modeming community, that's for damned sure...
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