Title : Pinion #3
Author : Magik Elvis/Cthulu

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     :::  *  :: ::: ::: ::     ::: ::: :::      ::: :::  ::     :::
     ::: ::::::     :::  ::    :::     :::      ::: :::   ::    :::
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           subversive,alternative,brainwashing,propaganda       ~~~~~
Hello my few and fond readers.
Okay, this time we have more than ONE poem in ONE release! Amaaazing!
Yup. So, here's our religiously brilliant attempts at literature. 

Thanks to everyone. 


                                          rock                n' roll
                      hey my
       rock                                             die
                  hey        my       will

           n' roll                 my                      my
do you know what time it is
its time for you to look
not at your watch 
but in the mirror
tell me what you hear
don't lie about what you know
close your eyes and start to sew
when they're shut you'll be free
      \   |   /
        \   /

  why me 
  why me
        don't fuck with me
        don't fuck with me
                           don't touch me
  why me
        don't fuck with me
  why me                                   
                                           take me
        don't fuck with me



Trampled by a moose
        -By Evil Iggy
                A poet if I've ever seen one

Oh mighty moose,
you hit my caboose
and mowed over my head
like a mighty rolling bed
which crushed my puny brain
and put my bladder through much pain
which drove my urethra insane

Oh mighty moose,
who crushed my cranium
which stopped me from rhyming
that did not feel good

Oh mighty moose
like a river gone loose
who stopped me from making sense
that flew over the apple fields
and into the pigmy paper meals

Oh mighty moose
who broke my pretty tooth
and then to the dentist I went
to get my tooth unbent
and to pay an outrageous price
to put my jaw in a vice

Oh mighty moose
who crushed me like a telephone booth
you make me sick
like strawberry quick

Oh mighty moose
who's hoof prints adorn my face
'tis not a disgrace
to have a taste of wildlife, on my face

Oh mighty moose
who paralysed my lower body
to get to the McPotty
How I admire you so
I now grab my shotgun, to blow
the mighty moose
into tasty moose juice

Oh mighty moose,
it's time that you learn the truth
I'm going to cut your head loose
and skin your flea bitten fleece
and use your head as a mantel piece

Oh mighty moose,
your head now loose,
nailed to the wall,
so that you will not fall
into my fire place
every so often though, I spray you with mace
and kick in your head
just so I know you're dead
I also feed you bread
well, actually I just smack you with it
but what's the dif?

               - Didn't really happen, but we can dream
                 can't we?

Do you think you're secure in your suits and ties
My little conformist friend?
One more clone becomes another friend for my own
Threaten my life, I saw you in high school
Beat the shit out of everyone ! Yeah !
You and your kick ass now, live now, ask questions
Never attitude.
Get the girls, fuck them, they think too much.
Get the nerds, beat them, they think too much.
Well, guess who the controller of your little world is now?
Your nine to five routine is controlled by WHO, motherfucker?
A NERD. Big Brother AND his nerd sister.
We'll take that wedgie you gave us in high school,
turn it into a computer that controls YOUR MIND and makes
You the thoughtless vegetables we knew you were
AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. Real HARD, just the way you like it
Don't lie, we know you're a faggot under all that paint
A blatant heterosexual buffoon is a cover and now, we'll
Get a computer chip, just the right size for the inside
Of your anal cavity, mother fucker!
Think NOW fucker.


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