The following is an unedited interview with Cthulu, the founder of MiSTiGRiS. The interview was conducted by me, Nitnatsnoc, lowly ANSI guy.
WHITE TEXT is Cthulu's mumblings.
 GREEN TEXT is Nitnatsnoc's mumblings.
Okay, here it goes:

 11:46 pm
 Fri Nov 11, 1994
 Recorded with user: Cthulu #2------------------------------------

N: Interview time.

C: wah, i'm tired and thirsty. oh, ok, just a winute. (you're capturing all this, aren't you?)

N: No, I have photographic memory

C: arg, my typo will be immortalised. "winute." ARG.
 back in a winute.

 N: Hold on..crap, I hate this chair I'm sitting in.
Lassie come back.

C: J0lt! J0lt! J0lt! J0lt! J0lt! J0lt! J0lt! J0lt! J0lt!

(er...more cheering and such)

N:  LASSIE!{teerful cry}

C: aahem... let me rephrase that.

 N: Okay. how did you get into this horrible "scene"?
C:  hm. well, about...a... year ago, I guess, this guy The Narccissist posted an ad on a local [echomail] net I was on at the time, SiHFNet, asking for ANSI artists, lit writers, music
 writers, and coders. I replied to him, "Hey, I can do lit. Music? How hard can it be? ANSI? Piece of cake."

 N: And how did you come to the conclusion that ansi was not a piece of cake?
C:  er... I think it was sometime after the completion of my giant 100 line multicoloured cross ansimation.

 N: err..have I seen this before?

C:  no. actually, I think Zammy's the only one who ever saw this shameful piece of computer spewage.

 N: Yum. So, how has your career gone? Where has it taken you? What kind of people have you met? DETAILS, DETAILS!

C:  Hm.... could you be more specific?

 N:  Where has it taken you: which groups have you gone through?

C: ahem. Okee... well, as I said, near a year ago, my semi-friend Nosferatu invited me and a few friends into a group he called Pain... so what if we couldn't do art? Neither could he.
 But just before we came in, he merged with Poison to create NWA, New Wave Artists for all those of you who DIDN'T read our little history text last month. Anyway, Nossy got kicked out by
 the Narc (who misspelled his handle, but that's a different story)... Narc advertised on SiHFNet, as I said, and I joined under ANSI, music, and lit. Which later was reduced to music and
 lit. Finally, after being a member of NWA for 3 months, i sadly admitted that all I could do was lit. Of course, I still hadn't released anything, but I was active on AnimeNet, the NWA
 net. In any event, in the 4th month I finally submitted some work. Crappy stuff, the kind that people do when they're trying to show that they're not COMPLETELY talentless.
 Unfortunately, it showed no talent. FOrtunately, the Narc ignored it, cause that was the month that NWA merged with GRIP/AD to make iMPERiAL. Sooo... here I was, in one of the most
 respected rising groups, and I had never released a single piece of work. Well, in May, I finally got some out,and it was pretty decent stuff. (White Sands, and House of Style, for those
 nit-pickers). Then I found that I actually DID have a talent for it. So over the next 6 months, I wrote a bunch of lits, and essays, and stories, and articles, and other miscellaneous
 works. I couldn't stop! I was on fire!

Then iMPERiAL died. A few days after the release of our 5th and final pack, pretty much the entire GRIP side decided to leave again and founded Drift.
All the GOOD remaining members went to Nation, so I was left to scrape together what was left. While stirring together my art soup with all the old ingredients, I added some new fresh
 ones to replace the old ones which had gone bad, and added in a pinch of anti-eliteness to keep the pot from boiling over. And that resulted in what you're reading right now.

N: Yum. Soup. Hmm...what do you think about the discrimination towards lit in art packs?

C: Well, as a lit writer, it's...oppressing, and many others don't view us as *real* artists. The problem with lit is that there's way too much "fake" lit out there, by people who just
 throw together words, try to make them take on a semblance of poetry, and name it "Arthur". And those guys give us real ones, the ones who either use ruled poems or freehand free verse a
 la e ecummings.. er, what I just said didn't make sense, did it?

N: Umm... from "Arthur" on, nope.

C: okee, let me try that again.
And those guys give us, the real ones who write with ruled poetry and free verse a la e e cummings, a bad name. Keep in mind that there's more to lit than poems. Lit is articles in emags.
 Lit are scripts for movies. Lit is... the strange stuff at the bottom of your pocket. When I was huffily responded to by requests for lit/ansi collaborations, with people saying that lit
 wasn't a real art form, I responded  with "ANSI stimulates the eye... lit stimulates the mind."
Of course, someone countered with "A Picture's worth a thousand words", but I ignored him.

N: Do you think lit will be an accepted form of art in this scene within the upcoming years?

C: Well, over the years, it's been slowly phased out... I believe acid and ice both used to have lit divisions, and now neither do. Many of the bigger groups don't have lit divisions, so
 the only refuges available to us are smaller groups, and of course, the esteemed Reality and Revolt... unfortunately, no one reads those besides other lit writers, and it saddens me to 
 hear that some people just delete all the lit before viewing the pack. Oh well... it's their loss.

N:  What can we do to make lit more interesting?  Err, I mean what can we do to make people read them.  Yeah, that's the ticket. (that was TOO close)

C: Well. Tribe failed miserably with that "cute" little feature in Tribeview, automatically randomly colouring each letter. Hm... the best ways i've found to get people to read lit is to
 buffet them with it before they realise they're reading it, like sneakily plopping some in the middle of a pic...unfortunately, that requires lots of coordination and cooperation on the
 parts of both artists, and is generally too much of a hassle.

N: Hmmm..subliminimal lit, interesting.  Wow, I was able to spell "subliminim" arg, forget it..need sleep.

C:  hey, it's only quarter after midnight. I still have about 2000 messages to read, mister. So hurry up with this interview.

N: ARg, pressure not ... good ...for...heart....{thump}

C:  Bring out the defibrulators!

{{ZZAP!}} {{ZZAP!}}
{ZZAP!}} {{ZZAP!}}

N: No... useless... bring me some.... J0lt!(glug glug glug)


N: Foolish mortals... when will they realise that the secret to eternal life lies in their puny grasp..
C: Now twice the life replenishing capabilities!
 blah. too much nonsense makes a boring interview. Ask me some more questions.
N: Fine Mr. Bossy-head. Umm...what can the public expect from Mist in the near future?
C: Expect the unexpected. (Now, before you charge at me exclaiming angrily that expecting the unexpectable is, by definition, impossible, let me explain.
Expect us to break conventions. Things which aren't usually done will be relished by us.)

N: long do you think this tight bond of members will last? Art groups aren't known to last long like an energizer bunny.

C:  As long as Mav and I're around, so will Mist... we made it clear, even if we're the last two members. Hey, tribe did it, why can't we?
N: {drooooool}

C:  weird. Our colours changed again. Stop using those pointy brackets.
N: What the hell are you talking about, stranger?
C:  My text was white, and yours was green, then mine was green and yours was white. Now mine's white again and yours is green.

N: Stop hitting yourself over the head with a dead squirrel.

C: No no, nothing that complex... just a mild case of glow3...

N: SEGA! Umm...lesse....arg, this interview would of been much better if I {drooooool} If I weren't this..zapped out

C: just point your nose at the "z" key so when you fall asleep everyone'll know it.

N: Ugh...brain...broken... Bah, what do you think about the scene.. how it is today, with all these major groups going down the toilet and all..

C:  hmm... well, we got rid of all the big egos of the scene (TafaSK, White Noise, etc)... then all the groups died. Hmm... correlation? I hope not...

 N: I wish my brain would kick in right about now.Don't you?


N: Hey, I know.I'll rip a question from a Wizard magazine and you can answer that...lesse... "Then there's Spawn/Batman.Were you comfortable with the way it was received?"

C:  No way.... Batman looked like.. well... his chin was way too pointy in the Image version. And that ruined the whole thing.

N: Okay..let me throw you another one at you..."Your first independent work was_Give me Liberty_ with artist Dave Gibbons in 1990.
 How did you develop that?"
C:  Actually, no one else knows, but.... I got some other guy to do it for me.And he put his name on the bottom. But that title... was all mine. Yessir. Honest.

N: "Did you and Dave plan _Give me Liberty_ as a single mini-series, or did you always know that there would be sequels?"
C:  Oh come on, the man with many figs in his sack has many friends.
N: Stop stealing my lines.

C:  I'm a weak and feeble man. (DOING)
N: Inside jokes in interviews suck.

N: you think the "scene" is improving?
C:  Well, it's way too unstable at the moment... imp went under, then tribe and nation, and some people are speaking of acid dissolving once radman leaves...shiver almost died... and
 aside from union and ice, that would leave almost a whole new top 10... I'm glad to see fewer egos and nicer people, with a few notable exceptions, and innovations becoming the standard.

N: What do you think about the local scene, here in 604. People say that 604 is laughed at by other area codes.  Do you think this is justified?

C:  Hmm... well, I've heard that 604 is, after New York for some peculiar reason, the most banned area code in the world... so it's hard for us to get onto LDboards. In any event, we do
 have a lot of idiots here who don't bother to follow standard courtesies because instead they can give a $50 a month donation to the sysop, who lets them do anything they want.

 You all know who I'm talking about.
"Dear Sysop:
N: Mm-hmmmm. Well, do you think there's any hope for us in 604?

C: Only if we all drink milk. Then we'll all be giant hulking powerhouses and we'll resolve our problems through pure physical violence instead of in a more "civilised" manner through the modem.
but our fingers would be so buffed up that we wouldn't be able to type.

N: Windows, my friend.

C: Ewww...Windows.

N: Bah, anyway, I think it's about time for the interview to end.

C: Hmm... hmmm... closing remark...
 just a sec... (looking something up)...
┬ĘComo frijoles?
(Spanish for "How have you bean?")

N: {smack}

C: I'm sorry. I promise to be a good elf.

N: I don't want to know the story behind that.
Anyways, this interview has now ended. Goodnight.

C: {sniff}...GOOD-BYEEEEEEEEE! I love you ALL! (wipes away tear)


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