[6o4: Group Land!]
Well, here goes ... This is the first article I've done for KiTHE, as I'm sure it is for a lotta MiSTers. Hmm, well, my plan was to discuss the scene is 6o4kinda, but I'm not sure exactly
what to say ... err, well, to begin with, there are many many small groups in 6o4 ... Probably in the range of 11 right at the moment, but I may be off by a bit =)
To start with, the biggest art groups in 6o4 are MiSTiGRiS and RAiD ... well, they've been in competition since the very start. I won't go into much detail about the groups' backgrounds,
but I will say that both groups are run quite differently ... RAiD has Senior Staff, etc ... but MiST is run differently than most art groups. It could be called a democracy. It could also
be called a limited monarchy, but most MiSTers don't really care about that aspect of it =) ... By now you can probably see that my views may be a *teensy* bit biased, (as I'm not in RAiD
=), but who cares. This way you get to see MiSTiGRiS from the point of view of one of its members, not founders ... I find that MiST is extremely well run ... err ... Cthulu and Nitnatsnoc
run the group quite well. The thing is about MiST, is that all the members of the group can voice their opinions, and more often that not they are taken quite seriously. MiSTiGRiS members
vote frequently on issues that come up on KiTSCHNet, MiST's message net. In this way, MiST lets her members actually run the group, and the way the members' opinions are taken seriously
makes most members fell at home in the group, therefore not leaving to join other groups that often.
I should mention some of the other, smaller groups in the AC, but I won't say much about them. First, there are a few musical groups, for example Digitallusions ... err, I'm not really into
the musical end of the 6o4 scene, so we'llskip over that end of it =) Immortal Syndicate is the local demo group, and are in fact in charge of a small demo party called New Media '94 which
will take place around the 18-20th of November ... Smaller local art groups are DTS, which doesn't seem to be very popular these days; WBT, which I run =) WBT should most likely release
their first pack in January ... Err ... TsC, which I haven't heard much about lately; and a new group which seems to have popped up out of nowhere, and that only a few people have heard
about, AiRĂ½. Err, another musical group that I neglected to point out is SONiC EQUiNOX (love dem funky caps =), which seems to have a LOT of talent, and are releasing a lot of good MODs
and S3Ms.
Last, but not least, there are quite a few e-mag groups in 6o4. RECOiL, an e-mag that should be c00l, will be releasing their first issue around Dec-Jan, hopefully =) ... Confinement, a
two-man e-mag (or maybe it's grown? dunno ..)is a VERY cool view on the scene in 6o4. AfterDeath (tentative name) is an e-mag being produced by the staff of WBT (yay!) and should see its
first issue around January as well. Err ... just to throw myself into 418 for a second, UnderGrown, a small e-mag put together by Eerie of Relic and MiST, is another really cool e-mag that
focusses on review smaller groups' packs. It's an entertaining read =) ... There may be a coupla other e-mags around, but I can't remember, so sue me. Soooo .. there's your look into the
6o4 scene from a a guy who likes to write pages and pages of crap. Oh well, if you read all the way down to here ... err ... you are now an enriched human being. Or maybe you're just an
idiot. Whatever. =)

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