To any of those whom thought that our scene was lame enough, here're a fresh new crop of new groups, updates, and groups we missed the first time 'round.

 *[AIRĂ½] Artists In Revolution
 *Founder: Sid
 *Duration: just started
 CT:New group, low in talent, but with no delusions as to their ability.

 *[ASA] Anti-Smiley Association
 *Founder: Smokescreen
 *Duration: a few months
 CT:A joke, surely.
 *[IA] Intense Aggression
 *Founder: Illusionary Enigma
 *Duration: Several months, many small releases
 CT:Well, another 604 .MOD/.S3M group. Woo hoo. We're looking into a merge with them too... can never have too many members, that's what I say.
 Eep. Actually, on consideration, Illusionary Enigma is the only member of this, and he's already IN mist...

 *[FC] Forged Couriering
 *Founder: Czar
 *Duration: a few months
 CT:Private couriering system exclusively for one board, Forged Reality.

 *[iLF] imagination Liberation Front
 *Founders: James Joyce, Beatle, fUp
 *Duration: 3 months or so, dead, lasted until march '94, reviving
 CT:Not much to say on this one. We want liberate our imaginations.

 *[NBI] Nuclear Breast ImplantZ
 *Founder: Sir Psych0 Sexy
 *Duration: Several issues, dead, revived
 CT:Neat lit releases. Too bad the members're all gone.
 UPDATE: Well, apparently, they're not all dead. IN fact, you might see some of their work in the next edition of Kithe 8)
 *[PWFOV] People Who Fall Out of Vehicles
 *Founder: White Insanity 
 *Duration: Just started
 WI:Not only am I the president, but I'm also a client!
 CT: Yep... yet another Atlantis-spawned group.
 *[RECOiL] RECOiL Review E-Mag
 *Founder: Grateful Dead
 *Duration: Reviving
 CT:Well, management has been handed over to Mavrik and Surreal Logic.
 Let's see what they can do with it...

 *[SE] Sonic Equinox
 *Founders: Darkforce AND Illusionary Enigma (NOT just Darkforce)

 *[SID] Systematic Destruction
 *Founder: Digital Ranger
 *Duration: started recently

 CT: New couriering group. Not much to comment on so far...

 *[SNT] The Synthesizers
 *Founder: Alpine
 *Duration: about a year old, died about a year ago, lasted maybe, a month?

 CT:Group created to increase the reputation of its fabled h0mie leader, Alpine. Fortunately, it was as shallow as he and fell apart soon.

 *Founder: Red Lightning
 *Duration: started recently
 CT:Newest group founded by people who can't get into any other groups. Ick.
 UPDATE: Well, it merged in to WBT. Perhaps it'll get a bit more talent. Who knows. Who cares?

 *[TASK] The Anti Startrek Klub 
 *Founder: Mavrik
 *Duration: just started.

 CT:For all you anti-trekkers out there. BE WARNED... you're outnumbered.

 *[WBT] Wild Buffalo Tamerz
 *Founder: Master of Darkness (aka Surreal Logic, NOT Tanaka)

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