the story of drongo
  by drongo
         This is not a story of my life.  This is a look at who I am.
         And Why I am me.
         This text file is dated November 3rd 1994.
         It is bound to change.
  intro to me.
         Hello. I am drongo.  I choose to call myself that.
         For I have no name.
         I am an Adopted Bastard.
         Born may 9th 1974, to one mother.
         Given to another.
         Yellowknife, The Northwest Territories of Canada.
         I choose no birth right to my adopted parents.
         And therefore shed their name from me.
         Gordon Breckenridge.
         Is drongo.
         d r o n g o
         No capitols.
         All the letters are equal.
         I am also known as Beatle.  A name given to me.
         And a name which you may call me if you find drongo
         too odd for your socially correct grammar.
         I am Native Canadian.
         I am Native Human.
         I am Native Earthling.
         Just as you are all natives of something.
         But Native Canadian means something different then
         Native European.
         I do not know from which Tribe I come from.
         So I choose to be of the Human Tribe.
         The Earth Tribe.
         I am a musician.
         I am a singer.
         I am a writer.
         I am a poet.
         I am an actor.
         I am an artist.
         I am a teacher.
         I am a student.
         I am.
  school daze
         I went to school.
         Just like everyone else.
         But school is not who I am.
         In school I learned how to hate.
         In school I learned how to cheat.
         In school I learned how to lie.
         That is not who I am.
         I am not school.
         The only thing that came out of school was friends.
         Friends are all that really matter.
         Because they understand who you are.
         I have many friends.
         And I am always willing to make more.
         I wish to be friends with everyone.
         Classes worth mentioning would be :
         Grade 8 - band
         Grade 9 - band, Explorations, drama
         Grade 10- band, Explorations, drama
         Grade 11- band, stageband, theatre
         Grade 12- band, stageband, concert choir
                   vocal jazz, music composition
                   photography, creative writing
         Explorations, was an experimental class.
         We did not really have a teacher.
         She was more of a facilitator.
         I was in the Arts class.
         It was full of dancers, singers, writers,
         musicians, actors..
         We did everything ourselves, including taking
         first prize at the drama festival one year.
         With a piece that was written and directed
         by the class.
         In school I had teachers.
         But in school there are only six teachers who taught me.
         Ms. Davis, my second band teacher from age 12 to 15.
         Ms. Kember, my Theatre/Explorations teacher from 12 to 15.
         Ms. Muir, my theatre teacher from age 16-19.
         Mr. Fisher, my English teacher/Creative writing Teacher, 17-19
         My Friends, age 0-Now.
         My Self, always.
         These people I will always remember for shaping my life.
  skills aquired
         writing, reading, composing, philosophizing experimenting.
         performing, teaching, learning.
         Stageband, concert band, orchestra, personal.
         jazz choir, concert choir
         flutes and whistles, piano and keyboards, reeded instruments.
         All things MIDI.
         guitar, bass.
         drums and percussion.
         poetry, novels, short stories, essays..
         basic programming, hacking, nets, cyber.
         I have not read any cyberpunk novels.
         I choose not to.
         Because they limit the building of cyberspace.
  life achievements to october 1994
         Grade 9 - played Gordon the Terrible Grade 7.
         A play that was toured to 11 elementary schools.
         It was written and directed by our Explorations class.
         Grade 10 - played in The Challenge.
         A play that was written by our Explorations class.
         I did the music for it.
         It toured to 11 elementary schools.
         And won the Surrey School board Drama Festival.
         It was also performed for the Earth day ceremonies.
         Went with the school band to Disney Land.
         Grade 11 - Played Hamlet at the Drama festival
         Grade 12 - Played with UBC Honour orchestra
         Won Two talent competitions with our band
         (not the school band, but rock band)
         Did another concert for school.
  the band
         I am in a band.  Well more of an organization.
         The Starving Musicians, started by Mark Klausmayer.
         It consists of (following list are of people who
         have played with us, and what they have played)
         (in no particular order)
         Mark Klausmayer - too many to list
         drongo - too many to list
         Troy Turner - guitars, bass, vocals
         Steve Dickinson - drums
         Munesh Sami (Mush) - drums
         Roger DeKoning - drums
         Kirstina Klausmayer - piano, keys, vocals
         Iain Fisher - guitars, vocals
         Glen Fatkin - guitars, bass, vocals
         Mr. Blake - vocals
         Jeri-Lynn McRea - vocals
         Jenna Bruer - bass, vocals
         Steve Husdon - vocals
         Hollie Tanton - vocals
         Chris Molnar - bari sax, vocals
         Ted Martin - alto sax
         Jason P. - trumpet
         Ian Hetherington - Trumpet
         Matt P - trumpet
         Craig Evans - Bass
         Lloyd Pederson- guitar bass vocals
         Can't think of anymore..
         John Lennon
         Laurie Anderson
         Peter Gabriel
         Robbie Robertson
         Roger Waters
         Douglas Adams
         William S. Burroughs
         TabNet Founder (Co-Founder - Troy Turner)
         TabNet - The Adopted Bastards Network
         TabNet is a free speech network..
         Link - A project to link everyone on the planet
         InterZone - A BBS Run by me, (604)-520-9519 (as of nov2,1994)
         mother - unknown
         father - unknown
         siblings - unknown
         adopted mother - Maureen Breckenridge
                          Alcoholic, control freak.
                          Not happy unless it is her way.
         adopted father - Jim Breckenridge
                          Transvestite, Anal retentive.
                          Scared man.
         adopted sister - Gail Breckenridge
                          evil diseased violence machine
                          a thief a liar a witch
          adopted mothers side
         grandmother - Val Persson
                       bitter old woman
         grandfather - dead
         aunt #1     - Diane P.
                       If I were genetically related to
                       any people in my family, she would
                       probably be the one.
                       A Musician.
         uncle       - Brian
                       I don't really know him
         Cousins     - 5 of them, I don't really know them
         aunt #2     - Velma
                       Don't know her too well either.
          adopted fathers side
         All dead, or I don't know them.
         Too many.  So I will just mention a few.
         Troy Turner - probably my best friend.
         (bluck)       He is someone I can talk to.
                       Even if he won't understand, I can still babble
                       to him.   A good companion.
         Mark Klausmayer - A mystery to me.
                           I do not know what makes him tick.
                           But I feel close to him for some reason.
         Ivar Vasara - I connect with him.
         (James Joyce)  Virtually.  And Mentally.
                        He has many of the same views as I.
         Paul Dixon - Ahhh fup.  What is there to say
         (fUP)        except the world would be a different place..
                      without him.  Probably a worse place.
         To everyone else.. Sorry, it would take me forever..
         Maybe I will add a new one every release.
 ... to be continued

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