Title : Internet Address Book
Author : Cthulu

 Through the wonders of the InterNet, we can send e-mail to each other. To
 facilitate this, we have e-mail addresses. In case you can't guess what I'm
 leading up to, here they are: 8)
 cthulu@outb.wimsey.bc.ca        Cthulu
 dartgnan@haven.uniserve.com     D'artagnan
 kmitchel@freenet.vancouver.bc.ca " " "
 skutt@cafe.net                  Admiral Skuttlebutt
 mavrik@shoreline.ca             Mavrik
 helter@shoreline.ca             Helter
 drcpu@freenet.vancouver.bc.ca   Dr. CPU
 livewire@cafe.net               Livewire
 psylark@usis.com                psychoskylark
 ae261@rgfn.epcc.edu             "  "  "  "  "
 etana@shoreline.ca              Etana
 questor@cafe.net                Questor
 e1140108@bcit.bc.ca             James Joyce
 minus@infomatch.com             minus
 renm8r@direct.ca                Reanimator

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