Title : Business As Usual
Author : Cthulu

Well, this month was a very active one for our artists, many of whom found true happiness in other groups 8(. In any event, here're the stats: NEW MEMBERS THIS MONTH: None. It's been a slow month. MEMBERS WHO LEFT THIS MONTH: WOo... lots. Here goes: Beatle, aka Drongo Kcerb, left mist because he hates the scene. Simple enough. His last words to us all are in his lit. Phaze, whom we will never get to show you any of his stuff, packed up and moved to shiver, because TG invited him. (Now that's a rare occurrence, I can tell you!) (dripping with sarcasm) Oh well. At least you got to see his screaming turkey. Onyx packed up and left the scene, school taking too much of his time. Ditto for Red Scorpion. Necessity forced Zoltar to sell his computer, and so we lose one of the last truly good fontists. As if all this weren't bad enough, we suffered a double hernia when Mavrik and Questor both moved to Integrity. They're leaving presences behind to do kithe and maintain kitschnet, but we won't feature any of their art any more. Poop. In a sot of tribute, our memberlist this month sports the unused logo Mav made for our very first pack. [We're working on it.] Oh yeah, I also cleaned out the lit department. So stop whining! 8) What remains is a mean, battle-hardened core of lit veterans. GUEST ARTISTS: This month we feature a song by Marauder of EuphoniX, being a remix of the same song done this month by our own Admiral Skuttlebutt. The songs are RAVE95.MOD and RV95EPNX.MOD. Compare 'em. We also have a short literary piece by Eno Tabs, who is unaffiliated, about his vase. Yes. His vase. The thing you put flowers in. IF MAV AND QUESTY ARE GONE, SHOULD WE BOTHER GRABBING THE NEXT PACK?: Hey! Don't be mean to our ANSI department... we've still got... er... Nitty... and... mm.. Mage. Yeah. Oh yeah, we're also merging with Fire. That should make up for the loss, partially, at least. So now you have a reason to keep on living, knowing that your favourite group isn't dead yet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Erhm... well, none of our members have birthdays in January. But we have to use the snazzy cake that Mage made for us, so we'll celebrate the december babies, whom we missed out last month.

Happy belated birthdays to Nitty (Dec. 28th) and The Extremist (Dec. 9th). As you can see, they both turned four last month. Now let's see if they can blow out all the candles! Make a wish... Well, that's all for this month. Cthulu's evil twin brother, Uluhtc, signing off. -bulb bulb

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