Title : Introduction To Kithe #4
Author : Cthulu

         Hello. This is Cthulu. And welcome to another wonderful edition of
 Kithe. The fact that you're reading this must indicate that you have some sort
 of interest in our l'il group called Mistigris, and so I shall inform you of
 our devious doingses.
         The first issue of RECOiL finally came out, staffed almost exclusively
 by mist members... so far, it rates ANSI and lits... of smaller groups. Sorta
 like Undergrown (Issue number 6's out), another pursuit taken by a mist (well,
 a mist/relic/acid/kts!a, not necessarily in that order 8) member. Continuing
 in the e-mag spirit, we've got members spreading through to Frynge,
 Insomnia, Psychosis, and most of UnReaL will be mist and acid members.
         On the music front... Admiral Skuttlebutt is actively pursuing the
 myriad little music groups here in 604... we should be seeing some developments
 in the upcoming months with these groups. Poihaps anudder moosic disk.
 [ Note: This intro is a bit cut off, cuz my (qt) shitty computer couldn't keep
  up with the transfer rate, and as a result, line noise, rendering the rest of
  this file gimped.. I know, bad excuse.. :) ]

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