Title : Greets!
Author : Cthulu

 Cthulu- these voices in my head just won't go away...
 Nitty- Home? I have no home... PULL THE STRING! (scratch scratch)
 James Joyce- If you can't take the height, get outta the mosh pit!
 fUp- We should get you a replacement rain stick...
 Livewire- you've started a camping trend...
 Tzeentch- your parents have strange books in your house...
 Eoanya- Only one tendon I say! I am a MUUUUUTANT!
 Etana- yes, I think a royal sedan would fit you perfectly. 'cept I'd have to
        carry it. ick.
 Reanimator- That is some afro. I have to get a closer look at your buttons.
 Psychoskylark- Don't forget that Barney is also purple...
 Helter- But Baby Bop is green too...
 Eerie- Hey! Why aren't you wearing the ceremonial robes, Brother Thirty-Three?
 The Naughty Tycoon- That is some hidden text problem you have there.
 The Extremist- I still liked that chick, no matter what you say.
 Mage- What's your file prefix going to be now, eh? *?
 minus- (wakes up) Where's my ansi? "It was all a dream..."
 Questy- BiM all the way!
 Diamond Traveller- No work this month? I have to drool on you now. 8(~
 Smokescreen- So, tell us about Questy's g/f... BEZIER CURVES!
 Illusionary Enigma- for someone who puts up so much of a fuss, you aren't
                     around very much...
 Professor Pukoid- The Mistigris "Acquisition"? No thank you... 8)
 Admiral Skuttlebutt- I've never asked you this, but... where did you get your
 Mavrik- Poo. Now I have to look in the integrity pack to see what snake eyes'
         face looks like.
 Eto- GV ALLLL the way...
 Defective Mind, Remorse, Terminally Nothing- I won't spread for no roses...
 Beatle- damn you and your bar codes too!
 Phaze- so OF COURSE i IMMEDIATELY accepted...  how ego-lifting.
 Zoltar- despite the many times i've mangled your handle, i'll miss you
 Marauder- Don't worry... I"ll try to get nitty to put up those ASCII menus for
           you 8)
 ts- i think you should be in by the summer 8)
 fire- we love you
 storm- we'll see
 wind- have you ever heard of a group called TsC?
 SoD- YOu talkin' to US? Hm? Are YOU talkin' to US?
 everyone on IRC- I'm the Cthulu from MiST! NOT the Cthulhu from remorse or the
                  Ktulhu from relic. ARRRRRRGRGGGGHHHH! Too many lovecraft fans
                  out there.
 Candide- creamed of broccoli soup? eW!
 Guybrush Threepwood- still lookin' for that sword master, eh?
 Digital Ranger- i'm too tired to talk to you about lit 8)
 Darkforce- my glory... sniff sniff... you... you... STOLE it. Wah!
 Tremere- sorry, no LD bill, no kitsch 8)
 Raid- oh, wait a minute... never mind.
 ST:Voyager- Cpt. Janeway sounds like a frog.
 OJ- At this point I don't even CARE whether you did it or didn't... just get
     offa my teevee... tiny toons should be on!
 Toho- When's the next godzilla (gojira) movie coming out?
 Weird Al- You are a *G0D* to me...

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