Title : What is "Elite"?
Author : A. Gobbler

 Date: 11:30 pm  Mon Jan 23, 1995       Number : 37 of 556
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 Subj: Philosophy Of Elite?             Replies: None
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 This is something I've been kicking around in my head for a while. It seems
 the elite scene is sort of in disarray. It seems everyone agrees that the scene
 sucks but no one knows why or who or when or whatever.
 But, before any discussion like that can take place, it should be decided what
 exactly *is* elite? What determines eliteness? Why is there a number of boards
 in the nation that seem to draw intelligent, ambitious users and are generally
 uppity-up about it? Are the current trends on art/lit boards to vote upon users
 just a remnant of past days when NUV was a security measure, or is there some
 way that certain users just aren't wanted/needed. How does one determine from a
 NUV message if a person is worthy?
 Further, where are the trends taking the elite scene? Warez, lit, art, and hp?
 Is hp almost dead? Are warez/lit boards more popular because its easier to jump
 into that scene? What?
 Just looking for some thoughts on why we call ourselves elite and what that
 should mean in reference to bulletin boards.
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 Just some thoughts...

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