Title : Neverending Lameness
Author : Cthulu

         Just when you thought the 604 couldn't get any lamer... here's
         this month's bumper crop of new groups. Well, and some old ones.
        * [ACT] couriering group (blah)
        * Founder: Addidas (the famed ripper and attempted hacker of Mav's board)
        * Duration: recently started
 MA:     (released MS Mouse 9.01) wow, months old shareware...
         and he says he's 0-5.. I LAUGH.
 CT:     UPDATE! Adidas, the prez, has been kicked out by his own group. Sigh.
        * [BiM] BoobIManiakz
        * Founder: Questor
        * Duration: Just started.
 CT:     Well now... let's just say that this should be obvious to anyone who's
         noticed that his pics are rather... well-endowed.
         * [CARB/AD] Conspiracy against Ranma's Board: Addidas's board's Division
         * Founder: Mavrik
         * Duration: Since Addidas tried to hack his board.
 CT:     Mavrik doesn't like it when rippers try to hack his board. An eye for
         an eye, that's what they say.
         * [ES] Electrolytic Software
         * Founder: Spaceman Spiff
         * Duration: A coupla years
 CT:     A small coding team. Cute l'il ASCII games.
         * [FNG] Frynge E-mag
         * Founder: Fob
         * Duration: 3 issues so far
 CT:     A small e-mag run out of the Okanagan. (Boonies!) Out of touch with
         everything in the "big city" here.
         * [INT] Integrity
         * Founder: Darkforce
         * Duration: One month so far, one pack
 CT:     The true meaning of 604 ANSI... let's just say, they turned down an
         offer to merge with iCE. However, they seem to view us as prey. That
         isn't good.
         * [INXS] (couriering)
         * Founder: ?
         * Duration: ?
 CT:     Some new couriering group thing... don't ask me, I'm not into warez.
         * [LORD] (couriering)
         * Founder: Fido Dido
         * Duration: A few months so far
 CT:     New/Recent couriering group. Mostly brings in utils, has managed to
         suck Asian Knight and Vanquish out of the art world and into the warez
         * [NCi] Not Circumsized
         * Founder: Milo Minderbender
         * Duration: As long as that bestial practise continues....
 CT:     Requirements for entry: Well, let's just say that it's pretty obvious.
         * [SHV] SHiVER
         * Founder: ? The Guardian
         * Duration: A while so far.. 8)
 CT:     Well, SOMEHOW, some WBT members made it in. So, 604 has some shiver
         members now. Whoop de ding.
         * [REV] Revolutions
         * Founder: Nutcracker
         * Duration: A few months, reincarnated as Visions.
 CT:     E-mag started by the members of the Immortal Syndicate... died.
         Interface etc. reincarnated into Visions.
         * [RLT] Reality
         * Founder: ?
         * Duration: a while, year perhaps?
 CT:     Woop... the CHQ of this esteemed lit group is right here in the 604,
         with Digital Ranger as the Canadian Coordinator. (Check my chat with
         him for more)
         * [SAB] Sabotage '95
         * Founder: Fob
         * Duration: ?
 CT:     An art group so small, we know absolutely nothing about them aside
         from their name.
         * [UNR] UnReaL
         * Founder: Ramna
         * Duration: Just started
 CT:     Ranma has had the interface kicking around for a long time... it looks
         like it'll finally get some use. Staffed entirely by the 604 mist/acid
         * [VIS] Visions
         * Founder: Nutcracker
         * Duration: On-going
 CT:     New E-mag founded by members of the Immortal Syndicate. We'll see if
         it's any more successful than Revolutions.
         * [WBT] Wild Buffalo Tamerz
         * Founder: Surreal Logic
         * Duration: 3 months so far? one pack.
 CT:     Actual promise starting to show... amazing 8).

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