About Last Month's Pack
Eep. A few glitches got through our intensive testing and scanning...
Apparently MistView didn't like that spiderman pic, or Inquisitor's menus,
and most of Beatle's lits. But they worked fine through other viewers...
However, because l used IMPVIEW (I didn't have a copy of SPOON handy, okay?)
the sauce descriptions had a whole slew of ">"s in the place of spaces when
the files were viewed under TribeView. Arg. One thing many viewed as a glitch
which was the peculiar rash of poems all entitled LionBird of Thor Mountain,
with the author's names as Lubricate, Spaghetti, and such. Yes, this was
intentional. James Joyce (aka LionBird of Thor Mountain) had requested that
for the author field of each poem, l blindly open up a dictionary, and poke
at a word, one which would end up being the author's name for that
particular poem. If gou think that this all sounds like hastily made-up
cover-up, look in the Cthulu's greets part of kithe [1], where I greeted
LionBird... there. Proof. (snug) Aside from those minor glitches, for which
steps have been taken to assure that they won't happen again, the pack was
otherwise bug-free, virus-free, practically ad-free, and tax-free. No added
salt of preservatives, either.
"Mist... more bite for your.. er... byte."

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