Well, one day after the release of our premier pack, we got an interesting
proposal. Some of our IRCers found a new friend. They sent him the pack, and,
well, read the result...
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Date : Sun 16 Oct 1994 11:13a Stat: Private
From : The Guardian #127
To : Nitnatsnoc #1
Title : New User Application
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hey man, this is the guardian from shiver.. i recently saw the first mist pack
and i was VERY impressed.. ive been talking to some other mist members and they
thought a merge was a good idea.. we would be willing to give up our name, whq,
senior postions, or anything like that.. comprimising in other words... if you
havent heard of us.. we were rated #6 group in the world in terbium (brag brag
I) above cia, relic, etc... we feel you guys really have potential and a merge
would be great
get back to me, later

Well, there were pros and cons to the proposed merger... and it almost
happened. But, well, it was outvoted. Some saw it as making us too big too
fast, and others saw it as succumbing to 31i73++ness... some said that we'd
lose our close bond between artists, and others said that shiver was dumb :)
In any event, if the choice had been up to me, and me alone, the merger papers
would've been filled out on the 17th. However, doing that against the group's
collective wills (it was only narrowly outvoted, incidentally) would've been
defying the original art manifesto idea that I created, and there's nothing
that I hate more than being called a hypocrite. Hell, that, and betraying the
trust that everyone instilled in me as "unofficial" group leader.
Oh well. Perhaps TG'll re-instate the offer once we get to a more approachable

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