Hey there, welcome to KiTHE Issue #2! Well, as promised, we have big
improvements this month in KiTHE. It has all been re-coded and the scrolling
has been sped up. ANSi can now be used in the articles, and it has Sound
Blaster support, along with many more new features. For this issue I have
teamed up with Questor to help do all the extras we've added. Tzeentch
drew the menu bars for us, and I did the Kithe Logo and ANSi pic. I see we
have a shortage of articles this time around.. oh well, still 5 days till we
release.. Uhm, I guess Questor wants to write sum stuff now.. 1)

Wow! That Mavrik must be able to read minds. How did he know that i'd want
say something?! :> Anyways, this has been a month of change for Kithe. It's been
moved over from QuickBasic to Turbo Pascal 7. The article viewer uses a smooth
scrolling source, courtesy by minus of Mistigris. The music player with the
coolio UU meters was coded with the Equinox Music Interface Kit by Hexx of
Sonic Equinox, a really cool and awesome local demo group, which i am part of.
Gee, could you tell? :> How's that for a plug. The player supports the GUS,
Sound Blaster Pro, and as Mav has mentioned, the Sound Blaster.  A big thanks go
to Hexx and the rest of Sonic Equinox. Uh, and please excuse the inefficient
coding job. Both Mavrik and I are fairly new programmers and it's not the best
job in the world. But hopefully, Kithe will improve as we do. That is, IF we
do. :> More additions to Kithe are in the works, and will hopefully be
implemented in the following months. Some of these include:

* A SVGA Graphics Viewer
* Additions To The Music Player
* Font Selection
* More Are Coming Once They're Thought Of :>
(BTW: For Help in Kithe, press F1 at the main menu)

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