In this interview, Helter peels back the layers, digs down deep, and reveals the real Guardian that nobody knows...
Capture file opened  3-Dec-1994 04:42
OK> /scan
1) TGuardian  -) S H I V E R (-     
2) helter Mistigris Coding Department        
OK> shall we get started...
TGuardian: tell me when you start
OK> we have...
TGuardian: jeah      
OK> great, ok for people who have no Idea, tell us who you are, what your in and how long you've been in it....  
TGuardian: moh.. i knew that.
TGuardian: really i did..       
TGuardian: ok maybe i didnt.. uhme.. anyways lets begin 
TGuardian: ok im that looser with that totally unoriginal handle.. "The Guardian".. 
           ive been in the art scene for a couple years now..
           started out with riot a while back, and when that group died me and some
           friends started shiver in june of 94... and here i am today  
+ SL23456 in Vancouver has just joined #mist.
OK> whoops, should of made this private..   
*TGuardian* make this channel invite and kick him out
SL23456: oops
OK> /privacy   
> Attempting to make channel private.
mode> +si (by helter)
OK> /kick SL23456
- SL23456 just got kicked off #mist by helter.
OK> sorry about that
OK> ahh, then, so have you seen the 2nd mist pack?!
TGuardian: yeah.. just saw the ansi part though, cause I only got 150k of the pack and had to pkzipfix it
OK> ahh, not to good, you have to see the whole thing, good stuff, have you seen the second raid pack?  
TGuardian: yeah.. the raid pack was rather impressive compared to their last pack.  in a few months if they
           keep up the good work they should  be up there with the bigboys...
OK> so, you would say that raid is better quality than mist?!.. how would you compare the 2 groups!?
TGuardian: no no.. mist definitely kicks the shit out of raid at the present time.. but raid showed alot more           
improvement in their new pack than mist did
OK> ahh, good stuff, now, everyone should know about your proposed merger with us, how do you feel about that
    now?!.. Are you glad that we didn't want to merge, or would you still have an interest in merging?!
*TGuardian* did you ask me another question?
OK> /msg TGuardian right now I did:) 
TGuardian: well to be perfectly honest Im glad we didnt merge.  It was just a low point in shiver, and we have
           got back up to our former status since then..
OK> I have to agree with there, shiver is back up to an all time high... so.. (my god, my first interview,
    and I've run out of questions:)) so... ummm, any talent in mist you would like to recognize for us?!:)       
TGuardian: yeah.. basically everyone in mist has tons of talent.. questor and nitsonic [nitnatsnoc] come to
           mind first though...
OK> heh, he'll love to hear that (nitty that is) even tho you spelt his name wrong:)... Well, any future
    prophecies for shiver  you can share with us?!
TGuardian: we're the best
TGuardian: this is fun.....     
TGuardian: anything else?       
TGuardian: im getting kinda bored......
OK> you too eh, well, anything you would like to wrap this interview up with!?
TGuardian: heheh :)
TGuardian: you should have questions prepared already
OK> I did... well, a few of them at least... 
TGuardian: umm i like ducks
OK> you too eh... What color!?
TGuardian: and orange monkies
OK> the flying ones?!
TGuardian: i said orange!
OK> ahh, sorry... I see the light now... anyone you would like to say hi to?!..
TGuardian: uhh.. drool      
TGuardian: no..
TGuardian: they always get caught in my ass..   
TGuardian: this interview is getting too intelligent for me to handle.. 
OK> well, then, lets end it, who do you want to say hi to?!    
TGuardian: umm satan, beezlebub, betrayer, the disciples of satan.. you know.. all the evil people in this world :)
OK> and mom & dad...
TGuardian: eye told you   
TGuardian: can i go now?
OK> umm, one last thing... anything you would like to say to raid!??!... :)
TGuardian: you have 5 seconds to respond or i will be forced to hangup   
TGuardian: 5
TGuardian: ohh    
TGuardian: ummm...
TGuardian: like join shiver... uh huh huh uh huh   
OK> not what I was looking for...:)     
OK> kinda biased response I'm looking for I guess... 
TGuardian: yeah...
OK> oh well, so kill me...  tally-hoe then, thanks for the interview... 'twas fun!      
TGuardian: ok gotta go.. buh bye    
TGuardian: a blast..  
TGuardian: peace
OK> later

Well now you know about everybody's favorite Barney-hater. Whee.
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