i don't see the point of a person calling himself a poet, or a 'littist' if
all he does is write a catchy jingle about 2-3 boards every month.. and free
verse can be quite good.. i mean, if you don't like it, don't read it, but if
a person has definite talent, then why count him out because he doesn't
follow all the laws of poetry stated in his english class.. i mean, c'mon,
poetry is more than just lit, more than all the rules learned for correct
writing, poetry is an image of the soul, a mirror reflection.. when a person
puts his whole heart, mind, and soul into a poem, it no longer is a poem,
but, it becomes a work of art, it becomes immortal.. when a person judges
that immortality, the only piece of the person who wrote it that will last
forever, he personally degrades that persons life, his spirit.. I agree with
you that anyone who puts out 30 poems or whatnot a month is just feeding a
bunch of bullshit to the group, and is most likely getting them out of a book
somewhere.. it takes me many many days before i come up with an idea for
good poem, and when i do, there is no law that i follow when i write it, it
writes itself, it forms itself into a flowing piece of art, becomes its own
creator, and its own slave.. it is the person that is the physical concept
of the poem that sets it free, and of course, the only way to set it free is
to share it.. for if you keep it in your heart, and to yourself.. it dies
with you, and one shall have known of what you really had to say, and none
shall remember you.. Some people say to me "your poems all sound a lot
alike.." and all i can say to them, is that they are all a part of one
large poem, that never began, and will never end..

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