Yep... this month, our nemesis group, Raid, also based in the 604, died.
Why/how? Read on.
Msg #: [61/70] Base: [SiHF] Art Groups Date : 08 Dec 94 15:58:44 Stat: Sent Kill From : Grateful Dead To : All Title: RAiD News RAiD News v1.0 Public Edition As of yesterday a handful of RAiD members have left the group for unknown destinations. The reason is simple due to some internal bickering between two high ranking members that didn't include me undergod or achilles. so I said it without mentioning any names :) Anyways the following have left the group and handed it on to Fab One's hands. Grateful Dead . Darkforce . Pestilence . Havoc . Prophet . Emerald Skelter gd. --- Renegade v10-05 Exp * Origin: Atlantis - BAT/CoN/LTD/DOA/SE/ALE/iMP/DAX/... (62:117/9)
If this doesn't look bad enough, Grateful Dead and Pestilence were two of Raid's three Senior Staffers... and the rest constituted most of its consistent talent. Boo hoo. But there's more...
Msg #: [194/213] Base: [KiTSCH] Other Groups Date : 14 Dec 94 19:50:09 Stat: Sent Local From : Fab One To : All Title: ME & RAiD I'm here to OFFICIALLY announce the death of raid. I told the rest of (6-7) artists to go apply to mist [thank me =) I thought mist had better things to offer than integrity AT THIS POINT IN TIME]. So well I'm all finished with raid/mist cat fights (actually I never intended that way) My apologies to Questor, D'Artagnan, Cthulu, Nitnatsnoc and rest of the Mist members for my occasional misbehaviour. (if not all the time, you say?) well good luck with mist, I never thought mist sucked, although there were times it disappointed me, but all things are now PAST.
Well, the breakup of Raid resulted in the aforementioned members starting a NEW group, called Integrity, an ANSI-only club based on talent and honor. These coming months will prove whether or now we can co-habitate peacefully... More to come, Cthulu.

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