GROPE LISTING: Yes, we take this spot every month to present to you new gropes of the 604, including the newcomers sKweez and 0gle..

no, no, wait a sec.

GROUP LISTING: That's a bit better...

[BLMAMTA] the Blind Moles are Mammals, Too, Association
Founder: The Happy Flower Man
Duration: dead in '93

[CC] Chaos Club '96
Founder: Firelight
Duration: New

[SCEiM] Stays Crunchy, Even In Milk
Founder: Enigma
Duration: Old, dead

[SHAMTA] the Sheep Are Mammals, Too, Association
Founder: The Itchy Swordsman
Duration: dead in '93

[$H] Supporters of Hardcore
Founder: Lethal Injection
Duration: New

[TOASTERS (tm)] Tactical Organizations Against Silly Toys, Especially Rubber Smurfs
Founder: Lord Doctor Who
Duration: New