GR> REAL programmers write self-modifying code.
DC> ... Real programmers use COPY CON program.exe
GR> Real programers use EDLIN to create Windows applications.
DC> Woo.. that's pushing it a bit far.
DC> ... Real programmers use an IBM XT 8086 to write Windows applications
ME> real programmers don't program for windows.
ME> windows programming ... oxymoron. =)
GR> ouch... is that even possible... being an XT class ?
DC> ... Nothing is impossible for a 'Real Programmer'
GR> Real programmers have keyboard dents in their foreheads.
DC> ... Real programmers don't even need a computer to do their work.
SE> i used to write code on scrap paper while bored in school ;)
GR> Real programmers can't do code while wearing a tie!
GR> Add it to your collection of real programmer's tagline. Hm,
GR> Cthulu should capture this and put it in next pack's Kithe =8)
GR> ... Real programmers can't do code while wearing a tie!
DC> ... Real programmers aren't accountants!
GR> Real programmers have a FUNCTION() in life.
DC> ... Real programmers hate insects and bugs.
DC> ... Real programmers don't carry screw drivers.
DC> ... Real programmers carry around RAID and insect repellant.
ETO>... Real programmers use TEST instead of CMP.
GR> Real Programmers Practice Safe HEX.
DC> ... A real programmer's girlfriend wears a G$.
GR> ... C Programmers do it with models!


KU> hahaha. besides, what's wrong with vaginal sex?
CT> Not hot enough, not tight enough, and not smelly enough.
GR> 1. move a little... friction generates heat
GR> 2. get a bigger dick then... heh.. ;)
GR> 3. who wants it to smell!!???
GR> ... If sex is a pain in the butt, you're doing it wrong.
CT> ... Sex is dirty, but only when it's done right.
GR> heh.. =]
GR> ... "Sex is better than reading; no overdue fines."
CT> ... "It's been so long since I've had sex I can't even remember who gets
CT> tied up..."