New relative to what? Well, to the last release of Kithe. Um... back last October 8)

Bear with us as this is going to be a chronological account of every member- related happening since October 1996, spiced up from time to time with captured accounts of things as they actually happened.


Anonymous changes his handle back to Candide, and then to "Slut". Then quits. Not just mist, not just the scene, but the global community of computer users entirely. Of course, he's back now.

Bandicoot has his handle changed to 'Plastic'.
It actually sticks for a while.

Zinnia Rock has changed her suffix to Chicken, Ya, and most recently, Kray.

Beatle's changed his handle to "Astarte".
Incidentally, that also becomes the new name of his and Flying Fish's band, formerly known as Casa del Sol.

Admiral Skuttlebutt RETURNS triumphant, with a new handle - 'Melodia' - and a mastery now of MORE than 4-channel music. Truly this is an occasion to celebrate. We had just about used up our stockpiled reserves of old Skutt music 8)

Fetus69 joins in the high resolution department.

Iseilice from Cancer joins the ANSI department at The Extremist's urging, but we never ever ever see or hear anything from him.

Hippy and Silver Wolf join Mistigris through their writing talents, joining most of the other regular posters from DoDEL.

Questor returns, drawing ansi for his own experimenal reasons. (For examples of this, check out his work in the Fistful of Steel tour pack. Photorealistic ansis of models.)

Grateful Dead returns for about a week, as does another true oldschooler - Singlemind (formerly known as Nosferatu / Black Rose) who's been with us since the Poison days, the NWA fiasco and even presided in iMPERiAL for a few months. He joined us for about a week, then disappeared, sinking into the muck of his own personal hell (which is his shared apartment with Lord Extec and Liquid Jesus, both also former Mist members.)

Alannon returns, draws one or two logos, then disappears again. This is a recurring trend in Mistigris because we very rarely ever actually kick people out, so from time to time a shadowy character from our past will pop up, surprise the heck out of us, give us some really oldschool art, and then will be gone before we can do something silly like list them on an infofile or in an issue of Kithe. Of course, given our pace, it's not too hard to outrun us in that respect. 13 issues in three years?

Along with the recurring appearing/disappearing folks, Journey came back, and left again.

As did D'Artagnan, but he left the following account of his past absence for us to all drool over.

CT> For curiosity's (and information's) sake, what were you doing at EA?
DA> I was in the Quality Assurnace Department, in other words, I
DA> 'play-tested'
DA> for a while and may eventually go back to it... Maybe.


The Guardian and Firestorm leave Mistigris forever for the allures of the warez scene that spawned them. Ours was a tenuous relationship at best, but they were part of a department (hi-rez) which was at the time nearly empty with the exception of Thanatos, who of course made up for it. Here is their farewell letter:

Wishbringer actually submits work! This is unparalleled until again in the Fire tour pack and as of press time it seems that he may very well begin contrbuting regularly to Mistigris packs. (Well, if anything about mist's release schedule, or mist itself, can be called regular.)

Intrepid leaves the whole scene in a huff - no one noticed he was gone. That was bad.

Colour draws a small 25-liner logo for DoDEL and packed for a pending trip to Africa. By press time he has actually been back for several months, having enjoyed the trip immensely. He reports that the biggest difference between here and there (besides the giant insects and lack of toilet paper) is "the noise".

Critical Illusion contacts us again and once again Savage Exile is back as our "underground HQ". This time around it's less productive as so far we haven't gotten any members at all, contrasting to our acquisition of Tribe, Xeryrus, Myth and Wator the first time around.

It was New Years' by this point - January 1st. The birthday of The Pope and by now we'd just managed our first tour release with Blade.

Apparently Kolz joined shortly after that. (Have you noticed? No, neither had I...) but this is what The Extremist told us regarding this...

Just one more way of illustrating how we toe the "ACiD Syndrome" - getting lots of members who never do anything. This is doubly dangerous because we very rarely if ever revise the memberlist and never kick anyone out... fortunately we have bad memories and if a person doesn't throw their weight around they tend to get left aside and doomed to obscurity.

Iori Yagami quits about this point. He professes to us Cereal Killer to fill the gap that he leaves behind. Ironically enough, Iori's best work is released in the Fire and Dark tour packs, months after he quits, and Cereal Killer's work isn't released until this very pack.

Here is the letter he sent me:

Needless to say, that certainly answered some questions.

Plastic changes handle to Plaztik, then to PZK, then back to Plaztik, then quits, then rejoins. This is quite typical of his scene interactions.

Polarity succeeds in killing AIR but not in actually making a release, and it is as such that ASCII-masters Dead Soul and Genocide are found to be groupless. Needless to say, we quickly remedy that situation.

Happyfish joins us at last but it takes us a long time to find a group which will release any of her work at all. That explains her somewhat large presence in this pack here. She will do lots of stuff, culminating in her running the WHQ, but outside of that she'll release ANSI in Mistigris.

Zinnia Kray goes on a long trip to Japan which is cut somewhat short.

Spawn joins Mist's ASCII department, then changes his handle to Crystal Meth. Shortly after that, Muton joins the ascii department. Muton proceeds to dominate Mist's ascii department while Crystal Meth goes on to attempt tracking.

The Laughing Fool joins our lit department at last once he finds our web page while surfing on the net.

Lord Maximoff rejoins our ANSI department officially (though we'd never be able to tell the difference) after we manage to get art advertising his board to be released in the Fire tour pack.

Following the devistating death of Teklordz (a group with which Mistigris had enjoyed cordial diplomatic relations for quite some time) Kyo joins up doing pretty much everything, especially high resolution and RIPscrip art.

Padding up our high resolution department, compensating for the loss of The Guardian and Firestorm come gNOMe and Lord of Darkness, his pupil, in our vga department.

After complaining his groupless state in a blender, we invite in Neosmurf, who joins. We never hear from him again 8). Maybe this is why he was left groupless. Hmm....

Raven, after an excruciating wait, gets accepted into Mist's Literature division based on the strength of his stories.

jIVE (better known as Fury from, believe it or not, Krap) applies and joins in our ascii department.

Menace joins in ANSI. This doesn't last for too long, because shortly after he quits both Mist and the scene entirely amidst rumours of joining AWE and compromising his own artistic style in order to attain that. Apparently he'll be back under a new handle.

Scratch that, he rejoins under the same handle. NO ONE complains 8).

Catch22 from Twisted joins up with our ANSI department, and Feral-K, formerly of the supreme 604 ASCII group AIR joins at last. The 604 ASCII artists are at last all unified in Mistigris, comprising old and newschool ascii.

Genocide changes his handle to Zealous.

Ts, most recently senior staff of the deceased Teklordz, joins Mistigris briefly, but decides that he really can't juggle being both in the art and demoscenes. He leaves us with a short commitment that he may make some guest appearances in the unspecified future.

Jughead changes his handle to Tincat. fitting, no?

Sadistic Intent, Spinn, and Aspyre of Air (not the 604 one, the one that tried to merge with RCA, but died - RCA died itself shortly therafter.) all join in ANSI and ASCII. Aspyre changes his handle to Gravity.

Kyo quits over a flurry of bickering regarding IRC etiquette.

Big Brother officially quits, once he realizes that he's still a member 8). He hasn't particiapted in Mist affairs since the last issue of Kithe, and that was a LONG time ago. Here's what he'll be doing instead, and I can tell you that if I didn't have so much riding on this, I'd follow in his footsteps in an instant.

(surprise surprise) Plastic changes his handle to FrgnFruz. This may be because he's grown out of the old one or merely to shake some of the nasty rumours which persistantly plagued one "Plastic."

Beatle changes his handle from whatever it was inbetween Astarte and the present to Otn”řIshph”ř, so far as we can tell some bastardiazarion of the pig latin of "Not Fish". He's horning in on my territory, man. He's even stolen my slogan and printed it on his business card! Oh, but I'll get my revenge... just as soon as he finished customizing TJM to our specs.

Aristote of the 418 area code, formerly someone hanging out in #knife, joins our ANSI department. His first mission: track down Diamond Traveller.

Mordecai of RCA joins after it dies, contributing to our VGA department, as well as Lady Blue, the lit champion.

Blender-champion Skrubly joins mist after Rile dies. With him on side, we will be UNBEATABLE for the next team Blender.

Esquire surrenders his position as music coordinator.

Grinchz applies and gains entry unconditionally simultaneously into our high- resolution and music divisions.


And that's that. Everything that happened to our group in the 10 months since the last release of Kithe, and, I may note, the last release of a Mistigris pack by itself. We'd like to think that the breathing room that the tour granted to us allowed us to gel a core - a fixed set of members who mean a lot to Mistigris and to whom Mistigris means a lot, including Happyfish, Neophyte and Tincat.

One thing that the tour has allowed us to do very well is Blend. Forgoing all thoughts of consistant monthly releases instead between Blenders 15 and 30 we managed to creep up and surpass everyone who stood in our way, thanks to trailblazers like Mavrik and Neophyte and following through with our groundbreaking team blender entries and consistant showings from myself and Tincat as well as consistant WINNINGS by Handiboy. One can only wonder what might have happened had we discovered the Blender competitions two months earlier - how soon our dominance might have been apparent.


One other thing that we thought the tour would allow us to do is promote our own group in the presence of other, more popular groups. Strangely enough, when we looked at the art which the host groups had declared quality controlled, more often than not the offending piece was a mist promo. Now, we're not dedicating all of our shoddiest art to that group which we all love, so there is something a bit fishy about that selective QCing. However, it did give us an opportunity to stuff this pack with Mistigris promos, as well as logocollies which were QC'd due to their fontists' seniority, rather than any inferiority in our own logos, and promos for The Jade Monkey, reasonably enough now as it's a relatively new board that could really use the publicity.

What else is there to say?

Ah, I've forgotten, but rest assured that once I remember, it'll end up in a Kithe article in the next issue.