"you (or whoever) mis-spelled addresses as "adresses" in the lightbar =)"

Here are a list of all the things which popped up between the writings of the infofiles and kithe articles in the previous mistigris 2 year anniversary pack which went inaccurately.

"uhh you didn't greet me =) heehee.. you owe me one =)"

LET ME REPHRASE THAT, preferrably in more than one sentence.

This article is a list of all of the cock-ups we made in the last issue of Kithe, as well as in the infofile for the pack in which it was released. It also mentions errors made elsewhere in the pack.

Seeing as the pack is at this point three quarters of a year in the past, this article will be absolutely useless to most of you. Consider it nothing more than a public airing of our mistakes to teach us to keep better track on what's going on.

To start off with, the FILE_ID.DIZ said september on it instead of october. This is all of our faults for not noticing, but isn't it just such a jinx? The file_id is probably the very first thing that someone will see in the pack and to have a mistake on that is just inacceptable.

Regarding the memberlist, Silent Knight got left off the memberlist entirely. Oops. Still, he had art in the pack, so 90% of his presence was legitimate. On the list as well Remohraz (?) had his name misspelt. I'm sure you can all see how grevious it must be to have such a simple name not communicated properly.

Merlyn and Mr. Flibbles were both mentionned in the memberlist as guest artists but at the last minute both of their submissions were quality controlled and we were powerless to correct the article.

Many peoples' e-mail addresses were misspelt or just plain not correct (neophyte's, happyfish's, and the extremist's among them...) but rather than correct what the old ones SHOULD have been, we can instead only rest secure in the knowledge that MOST of the ones on our current memberlist are valid.

Kithe itself didn't work for some people at all (a shame because some people grab our packs just to read Kithe), and certain articles (the pope's recipe) didn't load on others' computers even when it did work.

This is what The Pope had to say about that, and how Mavrik explained it.

TP> Great. Sort of funny how my article crashed it, though... Would lead one
TP> to the mistaken impression that I don't eat much...
MA> Argh. I knew something would fuck up. I didn't bother to view all the
MA> articles to make sure they work, cuz I was kinda in a rush.
MA> Oh well I know what the problem is.
MA> If you try reading Zinnia Rock's article, it's your article, and
MA> Zinnia Rock's article got left out... (well its there.. kithe12 just can't
MA> recognize it) all because of ONE number that was off.. easily fixable..
MA> unfortunately it's too late.

that was the case for many of these mistakes - we were fully conscious as to their existance, but merely couldn't do anything about them and still make an ever-shortening deadline which was still too late.

SO, we made a note of them, this article, a monument to our imcompitude. (I'm pretty sure that isn't even a word!) And you know what? Despite all that, you all enjoyed the pack! All that stuff screwed up, and you would have never known if we didn't tell you!

It's nice to know that the audience is listening 8).