From: Platinum
Subj: Newsworthy?

I don't know if you guys know about this yet or what.. but you can call anywhere in the Lower Mainland for FREE now that the CRTC took the monopoly away from BCTel. Anyways.. you call 517-2900 then press 1. All you have to do is listen to a 15 second ad, then you get a dial-tone on a relay.. you can call tsswassen from poco and stuff.. it's cool. :) The way I do it to call boards is I use a phone connected to my modem line.. dial the # listen to the ad.. and when the dial tone comes on I press enter on the entry in my phonebook (ie. daemon's gate and the fuzzy doorknob) Oh yeah.. What's the number to TFD anyways? I've never called it!.. I just called DG though, it was k-spiffy!

No more LD!


So I suppose this is pretty useless for those of you who live outside of the 604... sorry for bringing your hopes up, and for those of you who thought that this would be an article about telephone phreaking 8)

But now no one in BC has an excuse not to call TJM! Oh yes...