* * Official Scene Announcement * *
Teklordz Productions, RIP, July 1994 - May 1997
direct all questions to ts, (myee@hawaii.edu)

This is the official scene announcement that Teklordz is dead. This isn't a hoax or a fake, I just felt that there was no life left to the group, and decided to kill it. In the last few months of its life, I must say, we brought on some really good artists, however, I, as well as some others, have felt the very life draining from the group-- there was just no group cohesion anymore, no sense of group pride. We became simply a faceless group to which people merely submitted art to for the packs.

I could have attempted to revive it, but since I took over running the group in mid-1994, it seems like it has been a long uphill battle to keep the group alive. When we decided to release quarterly instead of monthly in March 1997, in the back of my mind I sort of realized that it was only a temporary solution to the deeper rooted problems in Teklordz.

Part of the reason why I killed Teklordz was because I am planning on leaving the scene. Not leaving completely, I don't think. But I am leaving in the sense that I have no desire to release art on a monthly basis, and likewise do not have any desire to go off to another art scene group. If I just simply left Teklordz and left someone in charge of the group, I also realized that many others would leave, and there simply wouldn't be much of a group left for that person to run. So instead of shooting the group in the stomach and having it die slowly, I decided to give it a clean death, a sense of closure for not only me, but those that were involved.

I must say though, we gave it a good run. I can honestly say not too many groups have done the same (not including the older groups in the scene of course). It seems like the trend has been a proliferation of highly successful, yet short-lived groups. While I am glad to see that the scene is progressing in such a way that there are other alternatives open than just the bigger, older groups, it is also something that gives the scene a sense of instability, and, to some extent, incoherence.

And I am equally proud of those who stood by Teklordz for a long period of time, and among the newcomers, those whose enthusiam for the group remained unswayed by the group's somewhat frequent low points. I regret that the group did not work out better than I had hoped for.

So, as my last words to the scene under Teklordz... peace out to all our members, whether old or new - Halaster - Prisoner#1 - Eerie - Cthulu: I can't believe Mistigris outlasted Teklordz!!!! :) :) - Fuel & BM, keep rocking Europe!! - individual Teklordz (and ex-Teklordz) members to whom I would like to greet: Extreme, Tempo, Scope, Smooth, O-tron (Inazone), Black Bull, Holocaust, Amnesia, Gedge, Mojo, Wolverine, Stimpy, Dimebag, Flux (let's finish that joint vga!), Imode, Brass Monkey, and Qyv - Tatharina: keep Ooze going! :) - Inner Vision: come a long way from them Spastic days, eh? :) - Lazurus and Number of the Beast - Kyosuke and ABCD Cafe - Guide and Darksun BBS - and everyone else that has supported us and our endeavors over the years.

It's been fun... :)