By: Hippy
Subj: Mars...Venus.

I dreamed a dream that wasn't a dream last night. I'm left wondering in the morning whether I dreampt or envisioned or intuited or...what.

I saw, in front of me, a beautifully ornate book. The cover was leatherbound and impressed with wonderful circular patterns. The pages were clean, thin, and very strong. It looked as if it was a thousand years old, but brand spanking new. It opened, and sat.

Enter an equally ornate quill or pen or some really cool instrument like that. It hovered above the open book, and the entire scene fascinated me to no end.

I was hit with a flood of intuitive informatin about the vision that I will attempt to put in writing now.

Wish me luck.:)

I've spent the last three months studying masculine and feminine principles and how they work from a somewhat Buddhist point of view, and this vision brought the two principles together in a wonderfully explanitory way.

The book represents the Soul(Feminine) power. A device that records without judjement, not pushing in any direction but forming the basis upon which an event (any event) can happen. The feminine principle is much like time, without it, will is useless simply because nothing can happen. Motion wouldn't exist without it.

Feminine=The Soul, Immovable, Base of life, unmoved and immoveable, A tempestuous mountain filled with the potentialities of eaons. The Book of Life.

The pen represents Spirit(masculine) power. A device to impress upon the soul a pattern to make it a complete work of art. The book is a recording, immoveable thing. The pen is the mover, the Spirit of the Warrior, the energy of the ages in all of us that forces us to action.

Masculine=The Spirit, the mover, The key to unlock all the potentialities of the eaons.

The Fire of life.

Without these powers, no one can exist. We are masculine and feminine in a mixture that allows us to shape our conscious minds to whatever shape we wish it to be. The cons cious mind is only a shadow of what we really are.

The conscious mind is only a shadow of what we really are.

I just had to repeat that, I'm having a moment:)

We are the Pen, The Book, and much more. Once you become the Book, and move the Pen, the mind becomes like clay, to be molded and shaped. It will be tempered through the fires of life, and snuffed at the end. It's a gift, a toy, a learning experience.

But it's not a bigger deal than the Pen and Book.

Live life as the Warrior.

And the Goddess.