from: Courtisan

I dreamed I was walking along the road the day after halloween, after getting chased out of McLean park by the cops. As we aproached a driveway, a car came out, but didn't pull into traffic, but just stayed there, blocking the sidewalk. My friends walked around, but I got the idea to jump over the car. Without running, I jumped straight up and almost over, except my butt hit the roof on the other side, and left a dent. We kept walking but looked back and the drive and passengers had gotten out and a woman was calling and waving us over. We started walking back when the people from the car ran across the street to a nearby house..

"I'm sorry.. please don't call the cops.. I don't know why I tried to jump over your car"

I followed them into the house, and realised that the driver of the car had been Bill Clinton. He was upset but one of my friends ended up being a lawyer (how convieniant) so we worked out a deal. I would pay $200 dollars to each passenger (there were 3) and the wouldn't call the police. Also, as part of the deal I got to 'talk politics' with Bill Clinton "If you aren't too busy..."

I told him that even though I wasn't an american citizen, his decisions still affected me. I said that I supported him, especially because he was running against "that old guy". I can only assume I meant Dole. But that I needed to voice some concerns about his choices.

I explained to him that when he signed the Communications Decency Act, he had "signed away a bit of his country's past, and a 'large chunk' of his country's future" and then explained how it was unfair, needless and against his constitution.

Then I talked to him about Industrial Hemp, and how it could save trees without posing any hazard to the people of his country. It was weird Because about then I kept getting images of Bill Clinton naked on an alien ship, from an episode of simpsons.

then i woke up..

what does it mean?