/msg Cth^Mist Hey, fishface... want a quick and easy way to make a
     stimulating yet entertaining article for your precious little
     e-mag?  You can exploit some of the most well-known and loved
     names in the scene, and you have to do next to no actual
     writing of your own!

        (...Sounds good to me.)

/msg Cth^Mist by the way... stop writing imaginary messages to
     yourself to invoke the setting of the IRC.  (...spoilsport)

 Anyone who wants to be in an e-mag, join #kithe and
say what you think the word "kithe" means.

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 And now, the wait...

        (time passes... minutes... hours... centuries...)
        (3 upgrades of mIRC later...)

*** Quab has joined #kithe
 medi kit
 could you elaborate a bit?
*** Quab has left #kithe
 ...guess not 8)

*** Exulted has joined #kithe
 email address is exulted@easyaccess.com
 email me ..want to be in the emag
 ex: all we want is a definition of the word "kithe".
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 er.. never mind 8)

        (Amazing how some people cannot follow the simplest instructions...)

*** tre_cool has joined #kithe
 kithe = some sort of a pie... uh... like cheesecake.. :)
 what does it taste like?
 heh... like marshmellows in water that have melted...
 much better.

*** dork has joined #kithe
 Kithe is some kinda fucking drug.
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        (Concise and to the point)

*** cybernary has joined #kithe
 kithe is the name of a termits penis
 termite even
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        (Oh so eloquent)

*** mr`yuck has joined #kithe
 it means mr. yuck is god
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        (Quite the wishful thinking...)


        (forgot he was still in the channel after all that 8)

 do you freebase kithe?
 yep! if you don't wanna eat it
 can you smoke it?
 hmm... yeah sure but you won't get stoned... you can't
           take it intravenous though...
 why smoke it if you can't get stoned?
 i didn't say you should smoke...i said you can smoke
           it....but if you do you're dumb...

*** ts- has joined #kithe

 what kind of prison sentence will you get for having
           a gram of kithe found on you?
 you get like a warning...next time youll get 10
 tre: what's a slang word for kithe?
 heh heh
 'kithe' is some kinda weird canadian food.  beef ball
patties or something.
 We call those prarie oysters up here...
 they take those good ol' testicles and slap em betwixt
      two slices o' bread
 isn't that a bit lumpy?
 it's the texture that's the appeal.
 perhaps something freudian as well.
 ts: can you get kithes at mcdonalds?
 kitsch... hee hee.  that was funny nifty. it was right next to
      kithe in the webster unabridged.
 ts: if it WAS served in mcdonalds, what would they
           call it?
 kEFe      (?)
 Quarter Pounder with Kithe?
 cth- hah.. probably...

*** growl has joined #kithe
 kithe is some kinda bomb..
 er... druge..
 er... Toilet paper..
 er.... Pizza topping..
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        (Be warned next time you ask for a pizza with everything on it...)

 cth: its kalled K th
 no... K the
 uh.. K thé i mean

        (sure... whatever...)

 what IS kithe, anyway.  according to the dict it says 'to
      proclaim an action'

        (hey, *I'm* the one asking the questions here...)

 like K tea almost
 or something.
 tre cool isn't hey that guy from green day
 ts: its some sort of a pie, that tastes like melted
           marshmellows that you can eat and freebase.....and smoke but
           then you won't get stoned
 ts: sure is
 tre: do you drink it, then?
 tre- weird.  is it like marijuana brownies or something 
 cth: its kinda gluic so you can drink it...but it
           will take time to pour it out of the glass
 cth- u shove it up your ass for the maximum effect 
 ts: oh my... kithe enemas.
 cth- kinda how some countries shove aspirin up their
 ts: yes but better tastin'
 ts: I don't think that mcdonalds would sanction that
           kind of fast food. 8)


        Thus ended the first session.  I, however, hungered for more, more,
        MUCH MORE!  So I went on again later to gather more input on our
        enigmatic name.  (152 lines just isn't enough for a filler article)

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 i think the word kithe means something that flies in the
      sky, held up by the almighty power of god, in the form of
      wind, plus an H
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        (I likes to flies me kithes)

*** profeeto has joined #kithe
 cth you are too kewl ;)
 so? what's a kithe?
 like a kite with a monkey hangin from the top.. er
 Do kithes have bananas hanging off them or something?
 only in sweden ;)
 But bananas don't grow in scandinavia... too cold.
 I guess they import them.

*** df`fsw has joined #kithe
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      (so much for him)

 they import em from czech
 but not from slovakia?
 depends on the EU dollar exchange rate, right?
 yah.. the government is behind everything
 Well then... is there a more sinister aspect to
           these monkey-bearing aerial objects controlled by the
 shh.. dont let anybody hear yah say that, ya know
           there are spies everywhere
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        (another victim of the internet silence conspiracy, I see)

*** sq2 has joined #kithe       (so, back for more, eh?)
 kithe is my name... except i usually spell it with the e
      before the i...
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*** sUlphUr has joined #kithe
 eye think it means a cat that is drunk and high on
          ShR00mS, bitz..
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*** wh0d has joined #kithe
 To me, kithe means world harmony.  I feel that in the
       future, kithe will be full of love and happy articles.
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        (aww, isn't that _nice_)

*** nootropic has joined #kithe
 Kithe: very much like lithe, but on the deadly
            side.. ie, the kithe little bitch ripped off my nutsack.
 Could kithe be used to describe anything other than
 cth; That animal looks pretty kithe.
 any animal? what kind of animal would look kithe?
 cth; a wolf would look kithe.
 what would look un-kithe?
 cth; a teddy bear
 kithe is like the power to kill quickly and
            suddenly.. so the electric chair might not be kithe, but a
            rocket launcher would.
 i think.
 would a kithe death leave a nearly-untouched body or
           merely a small puddle of blood and some skull fragments?
 cth; the remains wouldn't matter necessarily.. i
           mean, a kithe death would be a nuclear explosion, or a
           sudden brain hemorage.. it's the method, not the result, i
 the guillotine would be kithe, while being eaten by
           red ants wouldn't?
 cth; yeah..
 okay, I think I just about understand.
 cth; the guilotine (argh) ain't all that kithe
           because there is suspense beforehand. getting in a car
           accident is much more kithe. sudden. unexpected. fateful.
 superman's death was not kithe, jfk's was.
 okee.  having an escaped rhinoceros turn around the
           corner and trample you unexpectedly would be kithe then?
 cth; definatly..
 all right, then.