i called him a smart-ass you don't want the answer, don't ask if you don't know the answer, just say so... sheesh i can see this collab is gonna work out great... heh thanatos? I thought it was just Thanos? But I did know, and I answered damnit! nope.. Thanatos... greek god of death... used to be Grim Reaper... LS: and it was a smart-ass reply... i call em as i see em... :) thanatos: ahh. That must be where Marvel got it... heh.. yeah.. i guess than: Nah, I ain't a smart ass tho.. eh. LS: although it was funny.. i was trying to be serious.... :) i wanna show MC the finished pic. he did a logo for... for our tou thingy (mist) mistigris? oui - Mistigris... mist rocks.. cthulu is god of literature * LukeSky- bows to Cthulu hehehe Luke!?@ * Thanatos is vga shark... lfn: what? Don't FUCK w/cthulu... phew boy. That is one _fucked_ up god man... I ain't fucking with Cthulu.. he's da bombest werd <_Sensei__> I appear to have come in on an interesting conversation. luke, so you've read some Tales of the Cthulu Mythos? lfn: never... I'm talkin bout Cthulu of Mistigris =) luke: what is Cthulu of Mistigris? lfn: it is a he.. best rhyming lit guy ever.. EVER! Oh. hrm I doubt that. lfn: who is better? you? Possibly. send me something, I shall be the judge. I claim nothing. Something like, say what? lfn!!@#@!$@$!$@$ exar!?!@!$@$!#!%#%@!#@%#%!$%#@$$^^@#$#$!$@~! lfn: something that rhymes obviousky =) luke: I'll put some phat lyricism in tha next blade pack... * lfn grins deviously ...and we shall see lfn: you don't hold a candle.. Even _I_^`Straight Ganstah'^!X%x:_. . . . woah. oops even _MY_ best rhyme shit doesn't hold a candle to Cthulu. exar: you gonna ferget me? But like I said. I claim nothing, it is you that shall be the portrayer magnatism. lfn: ok, we shall see check this out... #mist buffer saved on Sun Nov 24 17:26:50 1996 *** Now talking in #mist *** Tears (tears@slip472.advantis.net.il) has joined #mist *** MistGOD sets mode: +o Tears > blah *** Feud (tears@slip472.advantis.net.il) has joined #mist My Boss Feud Is Here! (fear =) *** MistGOD sets mode: +o Feud *** da_drug (~irc@ has joined #Mist isn't there a mist already? > you're fucking hilarious Tears... Mist's been around for over 2 years... > pick another name... thanat0s: MIstigris is DEAD!!! lamer... > ha.. > then why am i head of the vga ? [same bat-time, different bat-channel] #acid buffer saved on Sun Nov 24 17:28:52 1996 *** Now talking in #acid A new uprising art group is up, Good artist/etc in demand, join #mist > Tears.... Mist's been around for over 2 years man... > Tears... pick a new name *** Tears was kicked by hack_ (there already is a mist) > thnx that was mistigris, not mist yeah but it's still a "reserved" name. > well.. technicalities.. ;) > mist - just a short for Mistigris - kinda like the acronym for Ansi Creators A new uprising art group is up, Good artist/etc in demand, join #acid2 <[nd]> #acid2 is private.. [momments later, back at the bat-channel] *** da_drug (~irc@ has left #Mist you know what... ok i'll change the name c'ya dude.. *** Tears (tears@slip472.advantis.net.il) has left #mist > uh huh *** dj_bender (m_bender@ppp-abe-354.fast.net) has joined #mist what a joke what a joke
    hrmmm.. is he serious now that he's seen the wrath of the art community (_the_ acid art Gods ) on his un-wise descision of picking "mist" for his new group ? or will he continue to portray the lamer that he is, by having a bot in the #mist channel.. and claiming to be a new group?
    stay tuned next week for the exciting conclusion... same bat-time, same bat-channel...

(edited for space)