Skrubly's Blender Entries 28-33

I didn't include 27 cause it wasn't that great.

A note about entry for #30: this appeared in the blender pack as savior.ans, which was a story I did for Rile for the compo. They stuck a very cool ansi on top of it and it won! But since I didn't do the ansi I only feel good about releasing the text of it. It's a nice story even without the ansi and worth a read.

A note about Rile: Is it dead? I don't know. But nobody told me about it anyways. So if it turns out to be alive you might see this stuff released with them, too. But since I don't know what's up with them right now at all I'll release it with mistigris just so people have an opportunity to read it.

I'd also like to thank hennifer and warpus for running blender, because I think it's a lot of fun and has actually got me writing again. Other people that have helped me have been the guys at RAD who have a really twisted sense of humor at times, and the guys at Scenelink who are working really hard to benefit the artscene.