The extremist left-wingers(the politically correct opened minded
 people) think differently from the rest of us, and speak differently
 as well.

 Allow me to translate:

 A(archaic):    a grade indicating excellence during the
                less-enlighted, competetive era of education.

 abase:         what should be done with standards of all kinds.

 abnormal(archaic):     in less enlightened times, not normal.

 A-Bomb:        weapon used by United States to destroy peaceful people
                of HiroShima and Nagasaki.

 abortion:      women's most important civil right; the sacriment of
                radical feminism.

 academia:      place where great ideas flourish.

 acedemic freedom:      freedom of student or teacher to hold or
                        express views without fear of arbitrary
                        interferance, except when such ideas are
                        deemed racist, bigoted, homophobic,
                        insensitive, chauvanistic, imperialistic,
                        religious, conservative, or politically

 Academy Award: recipients get to make great political speeches
                and wear red ribbons.

 accomplishment: what the government allows you to do.

 achievement:   what the government allows you to do.

 animals: a collection of endangered species.

 archenemy:     Silent Knight. (Or anyone who questions anything) 8)

 atheism:       our official religion.

 balanced news story:   opportunity to quote two politically correct
                        people and give one personal opinion.

 blastphemy:    saying anything critical about mother nature.

 budget cuts:   what cause homelessness and poverty.

 campaign promises:     lies to get elected.

 censorship:    1. when parents try to influence which books are
                used in schools;
                2. when the governmennt refuses grants to artists
                because their work is obscene.

 choice:        something good when it comes to abortion, something
                bad when it comes to education.

 equality:      primary goal of education; is achieved by fostering
                mediocrity and sameness.

 F:     a grade that no one should ever get under any circumstance.

 fairness:      spreading pain and misery equally.

 family planning:       abortion on demand.

 father:        non-vital member of the family.

 federal government:    vital member of the family, primary
                        breadwinner; the best place to make most

 feminist:      spokesperson for all women.

 fetus: unviable tissue mass.

 gangs: organizations of disadvantaged inner-city youths.

 global cooling:        excuse for higher taxes, more spending,
                        and bigger goverment.

 global warming:        see global cooling, a synonym; excuse for
                        higher taxes, more spending, and bigger

 googolplex:    goal for federal budget.

 government:    panacea. Has answers for most problems.

 heir:  someone who inherits your tax bill.

 help:  what the government is there for to do for you.

 hocus-pocus:   words uttered to make new job programs work.

 Hollywood:     where dreams come true.

 inclusion:     everybody but white males right-wingers and

 intolerance:   something we must do away with, except as it
                pertains to right-wing or conservative ideas.

 investment:    increased government spending.

 jobs program:   increased government spending.

 L:     the only grade necessary in public schools; indicating
        learning is taking place. 8)

 left:  center.

 lie:   strategic deception, spin.

 middle class:  rich.

 military:      1. federal jobs program;
                2. good place to conduct social experiments.

 morality:      1. something only left-wing, or politically correct
                   people can be trusted to impose;
                2. defined by individual

 news story:    opportunity to give personal opinion.

 omniscient:    the federal goverment.

 people:        creatures that imperil the world.

 poverty:       root cause of crime and urban despair.

 prayer:        one of the many kinds of speech that isn't
                protected and probably shouldn't be.

 press: our best friend.

 progressives:  socialists.

 quotas:        the way we equalize things.

 red ribbons:   the way to cure AIDS.

 revenue enhancement:   taxes.

 right: wrong

 school:        indoctrination center.

 secularism:    one of the world's great religions.

 share: steal.

 Soviet Union:  a place where socialism failed because the right
                people weren't in charge.

 spending cut:  what you promise gullible conservative or right-wing
                people to justify higher taxes.

 It's election time!!!!

 Laugh with me!!!