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So without further ado... Meija vs. The Cloverdale Rodeo!


i attended a cloverdale rodeo protest yesterday.. basically it was just me and 6 friends with signs.

5:00 - arrive in cloverdale. see brian from n van. wait and plan. two people, racheal and laurie are going to jump in the rind and chain their necks to the bars of the ring.

6:45 - walk over to ring, sit on hill overlooking.

7:00 - the group of people, [4] who are being chained and/or helping. go under a hole in the fence.. "halt! halt!" yells a lazy security guard.

7:01 - me and the rest of the group go under the fence /w signs in hand and run down the bleachers to the ring, start waving signs and yelling.

mike and racheal make it into the ring and almost make manage to chain racheals neck to the bars. a huge muscle beast juice monkey jumps on rachel starts punching and sitting on her.

other guards grab my g/f and another girl, laurie and pull them away from nearing to enter the ring.

a guard grabs my shoulder, and my sign and throws me to the ground. scaped my knee. he them runs over to the other girls and grabe the smallest one and starts swinging her around. ingrid, the another girl jumps on him and knees him in the stomach, groin etc..

he demands the sign. she yells "i'll give you the sign when you stop abusing animals you dumb fuck" he gets mad and throws her to the ground.

cops are there within seconds, they grab everone EXCEPT me.. i guess i blended in.. [i was wearing my cheeze 80's KISS shirt] they handcuff all my friends and i start to walk arround.

i decide to get out.. and start walking, i look to my right and see the cops with my friends.. they're walking right behind me.. i go to walk out the gate and a lady grabs me. shit. i thought i was busted. she stamps my hand so i can get back in.

the cops take my friends to the police station. i'm stuck in cloverdale with no friends and no money and no ride home.

i sit on the grass in front of the 7-11 for about 2 hours and my friends dad shows up to give me a ride home.


at the police station, they make the girls take off their bras so that they dont hang themselves, as well as any ear rings, other piercings, and shoes belts etc..

they end up finally being let out of jail at arround 11:30pm.

they've been charged with disturbing the peace, mischef, and tresspassing. all of them, except for 3 are minors. they get to go to court on june 10.

if i had been arrested i wouldn't have gotten a free lawyer, i turn 18 on monday and i wouldn't be able to get a lawyer untill tuesday since its a holiday monday. lucky me.

the charges have about a 95% chance of being dropped say the lawyers.


that was the most fun i have had in a long time, my adrenaline was pumping so hard.

the brian guy who was there, got grabed by the securty guards right when he went under the fence, they just let him out. as they walked past the top of the bleachers he grabbed the 100s of pamplets from his pocket and trows them into the crowd.



CO> They also make all the girls take off their pants and shits and
CO> inspect them to make sure they don't have anything "bad" hidden in
CO> them. They don't bother looking at any of the guys' clothes though.
CO> hmm..
ME> yeah.. strange eh? atleast it wasn't a male cop.
ME> cop to laurie "take off your bra" laurie "whoa! i dunno, i'm a d-cup it
ME> might be a little dangerous"
CO> mike is wearing "Murder King" shirt. The announcer guy is illiterate
CO> or something and over the microphone says "Burger King? This animal
CO> rights guy has to get his priorities straight. I hope he chokes on a
CO> hamburger" or something like that..
ME> yeah i know, i was the one that heard that, everyone else was hancuffed
ME> and not listening to the guy on the micrphone. it was hillarious. brian
ME> from stickshift started yelling "it says MURDER king!!"
CO> what do you think your parents would have done if you had gotten
CO> arrested? Planning on telling them about any of this?
ME> i have no clue.. they either would have freaked out and went nuts or
ME> laughed at me.
ME> no. no. no.
--- live free or die
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