From: The Extremist
Subj: my day -- the 5th element


My name is Fran‡ois, I'm 20 and I'll tell you about what I did today.

Err... wait a minute.

                     *               *               *

I woke up at 16h, read the paper for 20 minutes, then jumped to the Arts section.. "The Fifth Element", version originale anglaise, Le Laurentien, 19h15. I phoned my friend...

"Wanna see The fifth Element from Luc Besson tonight?", said I
"I haven't heard about that flick, I've been living in a bubble for the past month"
"It has Bruce Willis in it, it's has a Bladerunneresque style, but lighter, with alot of colors"
"Does it have explosions?"
"I saw one in the trailer"
"I saw a readhead jumping in a void in the trailer"
"Are you going to decide this quickly? I've got a bus to catch in 10 minutes if I want to be there in time"
"Okay, let's go"

(My friend *IS* a cinephile, and knows alot more than me about cinema, don't let this get you the wrong impression.. :])

So I dressed up, snatched a Pepsi can and an apple from the fridge, and catched my bus just in time. I began to drink my Pepsi, but after a sip or two, I remembered the nasty effects of Pepsi on an empty stomach, so I began to eat my apple as well. This is definitely a bad combo. After that, I discovered a bubble gum a customer gave me at the store where I work, so I decided to chew it to change the taste in my mouth. But THEN I remembered she gave it to me because she didn't like it and wanted me to taste what I was selling :] I spat it out.

When I got to Le Laurentien, I was 45 minutes in advance on my friend, so I went in the commercial center near the theater, to the grocery store where my mother works.. (yes, she's a butcher and I'm trying to go vegan. life is full o' surprises) Finally, I only spoke to her for 3 minutes because she was in a rush, but the trip there and back made me pass time. After that I went to the arcade and beat up some WWF guys, then my friend arrived, but we were still an hour early, so he beat up some WWF guys too, then I beat him at air hockey, but he told me he took 6 beers before coming, so that explained my easy wins.

Finally, we went to our room and discussed a bit about the bad music in there, then I pondered the possibility to buy popcorn from the popcorn girl, but I didn't when she told me it was 4 bucks. Then we eargerly awaited the Heritage ad about the poem some soldier wrote during WWI.. It had been displayed before movies in Cineplex Odeon theaters for months now, in fact, so much that my friend knew it by heart. When the movie began, deception came upon us... No "coquelicots" ad! We were terrified. (sp?)

Anyway. The actual movie. It rocks. If only for the visual effects, you must see this. I don't know how much CGI was used in this movie, but it all blends perfectly together. Nothing seems too obliviously generated, and that's really rare with movies, even those with big budgets. The first half-hour has alot of references to many classics of sci-fi: star trek, star wars, blade runner, star gate... (I haven't seen that one, tho, this is from my friend) Like I thought before seeing it, the movie has that bladerunneresque style, but lighter.. Bruce Willis plays What Bruce Willis Plays In Every Movie He's In, which is still cool, since this isn't Die Hard 13, but a whole new movie. Milla Jovovich isn't mega-breasted, so she doesn't look mega-cheesy. :] Her character isn't too much either, anyway. That's what I liked about that movie... It's an action sci-fi movie, but it doesn't go into the mega-cheese business. It has appropriate cheese. :] The whole treatment is a bit childish, and could have been a bit more mature, but that doesn't really matter... I mean, it could have been a bit better, but it isn't bad at all. My friend said that the whole setting, besides machine guns instead of blasters, reminded him of the Star Wars RPG Universe, if you know what I'm talking about, and I agree with him. That was two wicked hours.

When we exited from the theater, we were given promotional little boxes of Lost Park Golden Grahams, so I ate that. (the cereal, not the box) Then we went to Old Quebec to our favorite bar, but their was a bad band playing (ie, entrance fee) so we went to Les Yeux Bleus, a "francophone" bar, or if you prefer, a bar where a singer sings in French every night. I drank a beer, six shooters. My friend drank three beers and six shooters. He wanted to contest me on the shooters, but he had a job interview for next morning so I just let it go.. And anyway, I knew I'd lose. I smoked a cigarette, which did some effect to the non-smoker I am... I even enjoyed the music! :] Of course, the guy was now covering Cat Stevens' Wild World.

After that, I came home, tried to call on some boards, but they were all busy, so I polled s00p4hf13nd. After reading the tab messages, I wanted to post a message about what I did tonight, but when I did a quick review, I realized that I ate almost nothing, so I went up, grabbed the chocolate cake, a big glass of milk (pardon me, barb; but how could I eat a chocolate cake without any dairy?), then went down and wrote that message.

Now my milk is warm. :(

-text (is there some specific stuff at which I'm really poor when I'm writing English, or am I just a general failure?)

... La r‚alit‚ ne sera jamais autre chose que ce que tu en fais.

--- volume in drive c is TOO_LOUD
* Origin: "This is a pretty good five-dollar milkshake!" (69:808/0)