A recipe that somehow got left out of the Kithe Cookbook, back two issues ago: Happyfish's (in)famous FUDGE PIE! While we may be duplicating our cookbook antics again, this recipe simply cannot wait. So, without further ado...




  1. Preheat oven to 350

  2. Melt butter and chocolate in a small pot on very low heat, stirring constantly. Set aside.

  3. Mix sugar, flour, and eggs well.

  4. Add vanilla, salt, walnuts, and mix.

  5. Add melted chocolate and butter to mixture and mix well.

  6. Rub bottom and sides of a pie pan with butter.

  7. Pour mixture in to pan.

  8. Bake 25-35 minutes, or until pie is dark but not burned. (stick a knife in it-- if it comes out clean it's done)

  9. Chill for several hours or overnight (or if you're rushed, stick it in the freezer for 45 minutes) Serve cold.

  10. Eat it. Make another batch. Eat that. Develop a fudge pie addiction. Mmm.