I would like to share an emotional moment with all of you whom I call my family and friends.

It is about something that you would probably not have been prepared for. It was certainly a moment _I_ was not prepared for.

Please let me share this with you.

It began on Sunday the 3rd of November at approximately 5:40pm.

After feeding Hamlet, my pet rabbit, I decided it was a good idea to empty the compost. Let me describe the situation. There is usually one plastic ice cream container used for kitchen scraps that needs to be thrown into the compost bin out in the garden. This particular time, it had been sitting full, and overflowing - might I add, for a very long time. I don't know how long. My best guess would be two months. If it had been longer, I don't want to know about it.

Not only was there this plastic icecream container, there was one bowlful of scraps and another oven dish with pieces of mouldy pumpkin plus some other unidentifiable substances. I knew they had to be emptied some time or another. The only thing I regret is that I chose to without the aid of a gas mask and gloves.

Being the good samaritan as I am, I reached for the bowl and oven dish first. A cloud of fruit flies suddenly appeared from the rotting vegetable scraps. Fearing that I might breathe one of these small insects through my nostrils, I held my breath as best I could and ran to the compost bin outside. I opened the compost bin and was met with another massive cloud of these horrible little flies! Hurriedly I tried to empty the bowls but the contents were stuck inside. I panicked and grabbed a nearby stick and pushed the contents as fast as I could into the bin. I felt nauseated to see the colonies of mould and the disgusting blobs that were once vegetable scraps fall sickeningly into the bin below. Let me add that this is the first time something has made me so nauseous by just the appearance. (It smelt a little but it wasn't that bad). When I finished with the bowls, one of those little flies decided it would be a good thing to try to fly up my left nostril. I was not impressed.

Back inside the kitchen, there was the icecream container left and those little flies were still everywhere! I took the container, sending another cloud of fruit flies into the air and all over my hands. ARRRrrgh! I ran out and grabbed the stick, pushing the offending waste into the bin.

I think there are still fruit flies inside the kitchen. I tried to get rid of them by opening the window, but it just let more in. When rinsing the bowls out with hot water, I broke one of them. That was the first time in many years that I had broken a bowl, plate, or cup. I am now emotionally scarred. But hey, at least that's one less bowl I have to wash...

This has been the single most disgusting, horrific and nauseating experience I have ever had in my entire life. I just wanted to share this experience with you. I hope you all feel special that I chose you to share this important time in my life with. Let the moral of the story be: "Get someone else to empty the compost instead...".


Sharon/Maeve Wolf/Tatharina